Hard Rock Casino Ottawa Eyes Alternative Construction Site-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Hard Rock Casino Ottawa is one of the gaming expansion projects ready to transform the region and enhance its offerings. Recently the gaming corporation announced its new plan for development in the Rideau Carleton Casino area and this time the new complex would be placed on the south side of the casino location. This position calls for a four-lane extension of Earl Armstrong Road.

As it often happens in life, plans rarely remain unchanged throughout the years and Hard Rock Casino Ottawa has been subjected to several changes throughout the years. The CA$318-million project was originally supposed to be built on the north side of the Rideau Carleton Casino currently operating in the area. Exactly two years ago, this was the plan pitched to the local officials.
Expansion South of Rideau Carleton

However, now it is time for a change, as Hard Rock Casino Ottawa would like to see its expansion on the south side. Such a move includes the construction of a well-rounded casino venue, in addition to more family-friendly offerings to the likes of a 1,600-seat theatre for live events, dining offerings, as well as a hotel tower with 178 rooms available for booking.

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Finally Receives Green Light for Hotel Tower Construction after 7 Years of Waiting

The original plan for action meant that the gambling and entertainment complex overseen by Hard Rock would face Albion Road, easing up the access to the location. Now it has become clear that the complex would have to be connected with Earl Armstrong Road. This introduces a change of plans for the City Council, as Ottawa was not planning to work in this particular area of the road in the upcoming ten years.

Hard Rock Casino Reaches an Agreement with Striking Union Workers

The beginning of February saw a milestone change happening, as Ottawa’s Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee gave its rezoning approval to the new construction site. This is a mandatory move, as the project is about to include both gambling and family-friendly offerings, coming with their own rezoning conditions. This change opened the conversation about road expansion.
Projections for New Casino Complex
City officials would like to see action taking place in the area, as the committee pointed out, It would like to see an extension added to the Earl Armstrong Road sooner than initially projected. This is expected to make transportation easier in the region, as well as improve access to the new complex. Projections are that the new complex would result in an increase in the traffic. A 2018 traffic assessment report found out that the casino expansion on Albion Road would not cause a significant traffic increase.

Hard Rock Casino Ottawa Sparks Traffic Concerns Among Locals

Back then, Coun. Diane Deans, who has been a vocal opponent of expanding gambling in the capital, urged the officials to make a new traffic assessment. She explained that the city staff forgot to include the 2,500-seat theatre, the restaurant and other amenities as potential “traffic generators”. The last months of 2019 saw the end of the environmental assessment for the Earl Armstrong Road expansion, confirming it is safe to be developed in the foreseeable future.

New Ad for Hard Rock Casino Ottawa Raises Problem Gambling Concerns

Last year, Loto-Quebec pointed out that the new casino complex might negatively affect Casino Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, once Hard Rock Casino Ottawa launches its gambling venue in 2021. The Rideau Carleton Raceway’s transformation would result in CA$10-million loss for Gatineau by the end of that fiscal year. The project is about to positively impact the local job market, as well as the city coffers. The City of Ottawa with annual non-tax gaming revenue allocations amounting to CA$12.8 million.
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Betting on Sports America 2020 Unveils Riveting Schedule-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Betting on Sports America is about to have its next edition at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. The month of April is projected to see a congregation of industry experts and people working on the bright future of sports wagering in the United States for a positive conversation and networking. April 28, 2020 is about to see the official warm-up for the following riveting couple of days.

The first evening of the special event is about to take place on April 28 and includes the opportunity to pre-register for participation, as well as the chance to meet like-minded people in the industry at the networking drinks reception. For the time being, the exact location of the exclusive bar where this congregation would happen remains unrevealed.
April 28 Sees Launch

On the following day, everyone interested in entering the Betting on Sports event could register starting from 8:30 a.m. all the way to 6:30 p.m. The exhibition is set to open at 9 a.m. giving the official beginning of the rich schedule of this convention. People will have the chance to roam around and take a look at all the attendees that have reserved their spots at Meadowlands Exposition Center.

Sportradar Joins Forces with PrizeLogic for Sports Betting Reimagined

Major powerhouses to the likes of IGT, DraftKings, FOX Sports, bet369, Caesars Entertainment, Playtech, and William Hill are about to reveal their offerings at the conference and have people informed about them. Representatives of major sports leagues to the likes of the NBA, NHL, and more would also be present at the center.

New York Racetrack Casinos Want Piece of the Sports Betting Pie Too

The first topic of discussion at the conference is about to commence at 10 a.m. and it is projected to last until 5:20 p.m. It would focus on Betting on Society and the way this gaming activity is expected to impact people preferring it in the upcoming years. With the ever-changing local gaming field, its effect on the people participating in it is crucial. Other panels of this day would focus on the existing regulations and ones to come in the upcoming couple of years.
Renowned Speakers to Attend
All attendants will also have the chance to learn more about wagering on sports events at its core and understand it better at the end of the day. Some of the speakers that will make their way to the conference would be Joseph Asher, CEO of William Hill US; Walt Fales, SVP of Strategic Development, Enterprise Gaming, Caesars Entertainment; Avi Alroy, VP Interactive Gaming, Mohegan Sun; as well as Tim Wilmott, President, CEO, Penn National Gaming, among others.

Ontario Shows Open-Mindedness with Sports Betting, Online Gambling Changes

April 29 would also provide all participants with a chance to network and meet like-minded people between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. On April 30 the exhibition would see its last day, once again open between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Several important panels would be sprinkled across the busy day, with speakers focusing on the very nature of betting on sports and preserving their integrity down the road.

Could There Be a Glimpse of Hope for Mobile Sports Betting in New York?

Another panel is projected to reveal more about the states still working on their sports wagering regulations and the way they could optimize the process. Making estimations which states are about to launch regulated sports wagering with their unique set of rules in 2020 might be an interesting topic for everyone present, as it would mean more action in the budding sports betting field of the US.
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IIGET Buried after Alleged Criminal Entered BC Gaming Scene, Report-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

The true extent of money laundering and organized crime in British Columbia is yet to be revealed as it recently turned out. A report the RCMP worked on in January 2009 revealed that an individual with connections to the organized crime network of Asia was given permission to become a stakeholder of an undisclosed casino. Later on, they became an employee of the same casino operator.

When conducting work in the casino industry and obtaining a license for operation, the casino operator is obliged to take into account all existing regulations and trigger background checks on owners, staff members, as well as any individuals related to the future operation of the casino location. Denis Meunier, former Deputy Director of Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada expressed his surprise.
Asian Organized Crime Links

Mr. Meunier made it clear that the mandatory step of background check might have been purposefully skipped and this is a breach of the regulations in effect. He added that such misconduct of the due diligence should not be overlooked, as it shows the weak areas of British Columbia’s regulations. There is a loophole that has enabled this to take place.

February 24 Greenlights Cullen Commission Money Laundering Public Inquiry

The report in question has not identified the individual who had become a stakeholder in the casino and later on an employee within its structure. Shedding more light on the underground world of British Columbia has been among the goals of this report, airing some of the provincial dirty laundry. Criminals have targeted British Columbia Lottery Corporation overseeing the gaming locations within the province, as the report suggested.

Beware of Bank Accounts Used for Money Laundering, Fintrac Warns

Integrated Illegal Gambling Enforcement Team should be able to keep a close eye on any suspicious operation taking place within the province, but while the stakeholder was purchasing his way into the casino, the unit was facing illegal casinos sprinkled across the province. All funding comes from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. Soon after that, in 2009, the unit saw the end of its existence.
Former Crown prosecutor Sandy Garossino expressed surprise by the methodical manner of this disbanding, which had steered the pot in the past and ever since. It raises more questions than answers. Back in 2018, Fred Pinnock, the former chief of IIGET shared that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the former Liberal government did nothing to tackle illegal money laundering schemes despite the warnings.

Ex-Casino Staff Feels Embarrassed Money Laundering Went on for Years in B.C.

He claimed that the authorities in question all knew that organized criminal activity was run in the province’s casinos and racetracks. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police report of the beginning of 2009 claims that the integrity of the British Columbia gaming field is questionable following the aforementioned discoveries. In relation to these pieces of information, former British Columbia solicitor general Rich Coleman stated that the IIGET was rendered unable to do its job.

Ex IIGET Chief’s Controversial Money Laundering Stance Stirs the Pot Once Again

The end of 2019 brought the news that the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch would become the Independent Gambling Control Office with the help of an amendment to the existing Gaming Control Act of Canada. This transition would give the former enforcement branch bigger independence to operate and achieve its set goals. Moreover, The Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering issued the official timeline for the upcoming months of public hearings. February 24 is about to see the official launch of this process.
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North Bay Casino Triggers Regional Healthy Gambling Relationship Review-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

North Bay is bracing for upcoming casino complex operation powered by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment which calls for preparation work ahead of it. North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit announced its surveys regarding the impact of gambling on the local community. Residents of Nipissing and Parry Sound now have the chance to express their position on gambling expansion in the region, maintaining their anonymity.

The introduction of gambling could have a lasting impact on a given community, influencing it in many ways. Cascades Casino North Bay is projected to welcome its first patrons in the spring of 2020 if construction work goes according to the established schedule. People in the region have previously expressed their concerns with gambling operation and its potential impact down the road.
North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

Now they will have the opportunity to participate in two anonymous surveys dedicated to the issue. The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit is associated with relationship with the Gambling Harm Reduction Partnership, aiming to raise awareness’ of the gambling risks coming with a casino venue.

Cascades Casino North Bay Follows in Chatham’s Project Footsteps

Among the main concerns is substance use and addiction, health behavior linked to gambling, as well as socioeconomic status decline. The health unit aims to improve the gambling conversation in the region and improve information flow between Gateway Casinos and the municipalities. The surveys would offer a snapshot of the current situation in the region, as well as people’s expectations when it comes to the upcoming gambling operation.

Cascades Casino North Bay Triggers CA$1.6m Road Optimization Conversation

Individuals and businesses alike could participate in them, offering their point of view on the subject. People above the age of 19 could share more about their general gambling preferences, as well as the frequency at which they gamble. This would give a clear perspective on the potential negative effects gambling could have on people showcasing addictive tendencies. As for the second survey, it targets local businesses.
Deadline is December 6
The businesses participating in the survey would offer their vision on North Bay’s future following Cascades Casino North Bay’s opening ceremony. This includes both the positive and the negative influence it could have on the local business scene. Surveys would run until December 6 online, as well as at the Health Unit hotspots in North Bay and Parry Sound.

Cascades Casino North Bay Comes with Traffic-Optimizing Roundabout, Wider Road

November 6 is about to see a special event at the Grande Event Centre in North Bay. Its goal is to spark up the gambling conversation in real life and evaluate the pros and cons when it comes to the host community and its neighboring ones. The special event would aim to recruit individuals supporting the partnership. As for the casino venue itself, construction workers would have to enclose the casino building before the cold months make their way to North Bay.

Cascades Casino North Bay Construction Still Worries Local Environmentalists

Enclosing the casino complex would allow them to continue work during the cold winter months on the interior. Rob Mitchell, Spokesperson of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment revealed that the casino complex would be very similar to the one that launched operation this summer in Chatham.
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Hello Torque Esports Corp.: A Canadian Rebranding Story-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Millennial Esports Corporation recently announced its rebranding with a fresh new face. The Toronto-based company would change its name to Torque Esports Corporation, marking a milestone change that reflects its future line of development. In addition to that, the company will also consolidate existing common shares following the five-to-one pattern. All shareholders are about to be thoroughly informed on the consolidation directly affecting them.

When it comes to competitive video gaming and the opportunities it has up for grabs, the field is rapidly growing and developing. Canada has shown its warm attitude towards the world of esports throughout the years. Many provinces have already expressed their support towards the world of possibilities ahead of them. A study conducted by Mintel and published in its Attitudes toward Gaming report reveals 22 percent of Canadians consider esports equal to traditional sporting events.
Canadians Explore the Esports World

The competitive gaming company facing Canada made it clear that the consolidation is going to see some 11,732,90 common shares being consolidated to 2,346,590. It should also be taken into account that the esports leading company will implement all changes this Friday, available under the ticker symbol “GAME”. This change comes at a pivotal time in the company’s development, as it recently went through major changes.

British Columbians Immerse into the World of eSports in Vancouver, Richmond

The restructuring would aim to be a breath of fresh air to the competitive gaming field of Canada and possibly attract new enthusiasts. Millennial Esports Corporation also saw a change in its leadership team, the implementation of which could swerve its development in a new, more promising direction. It has been confirmed that the company would focus primarily on esports racing and data provision.

Thunder Bay Paves the Way for eSports Enthusiasts with Inaugural Gaming Event

The esports company aims to be the engine of development with the help of its Eden Games studio that has already taken the field by storm with its racing games designed for mobile devices Earlier this month, the leading force in the local egaming field held its special shareholders meeting on the subject.
Increasing Interest Equals More Opportunities
It presented the opportunity of a rebranding and a consolidation at the annual shareholders meeting reflecting on the past months and upcoming months. Shareholders had the chance to vote on the changes to come and express their thoughts on Millennial Esports’ future development. However, the approval given did not mean an automatic change, but instead an approval of a possible one down the road.

SheIS, Lazarus Esports Praise Female Gamers for Their Achievements

Eventually, a name change and a consolidation came into effect. The company also dedicated this month to its expansion in the video content world. The Toronto-based company took a controlling stake in LetsGoRacing, the YouTube channel delivering motorsport content on a regular basis. Viewers around the globe have grown to love its regular videos and enjoy them as soon as they have been uploaded.

Drake Pours Cash into eSports Platform Making Amateurs Feel Like Pros

Over the years since 2013, the channel has accumulated some 40 million views as a result of its diverse portfolio and everything it has up for grabs. Millennial Esports now owns 51 percent of LetsGoRacing’s shares, making it a leading force in its future development. A single video reflecting on the World’s Fastest Gamer esports competition solidified the notion that the two entities should team up for something even better down the road.
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Birthday Wishes Come True with Lotto 6/49, Dog Hears First-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Lottery jackpots abound across the Canadian provinces and players across the nation could brag with their lottery winnings being a major surprise in their lives. Richmond recently welcomed a CA$1-million prize payout thanks to a Lotto 6/49 ticket being purchased in the region. Marlon Coronado is the fortunate lotto enthusiast who is among the newest lottery millionaires of Canada.

It is no secret that Lotto 6/49 is among the generous draw-based lottery offerings out there, aiming to change people鈥檚 lives and make them hassle-free with the purchase of a ticket. Millions of players participate in the regular draws and hope for the best but more often than not their wishes come true. British Columbia has been like a magnet for lotto prizes over the past months.
Lotto 6/49 CA$1m Prize

Mr. Coronado hails from Richmond and he is an avid lottery player with great dreams. Many players prepare in advance for a potential lottery prize and they have a list of things to be accomplished once they bag the big cash payout. Rarely do they realize the true magnitude of a lottery prize upon receiving it, as the amount is usually greater than they have ever experienced.

Lotto 6/49 Sprinkles CA$1m Prizes around Ontario Like Confetti

November 20 was the lucky day for Mr. Coronado, as this is when the regular Lotto 6/49 became a special one for him. It was like a dream come true, as the jackpot came at a special time of his life 鈥?right after his birthday. Mr. Coronado celebrated his 36th birthday right before the recent Lotto 6/49 draw, meaning that winning the lottery might have been among the wishes he made while blowing the candles.

B.C. Players Snatch Consecutive Lotto MAX Windfalls, Ontario Grabs CA$18m

The lucky man still thinks that the good luck charm for him was Bichon Frise dog, which recently turned one. The teddy-bear looking dog called Martial might have brought him good luck, as Mr. Coronado is certain this would not have happened without it. The Guarantee $1 Million Prize is among the most coveted shares of Lotto 6/49 overall prize pool.
Lotto MAX Reaches CA$50 Million
The winner is usually a Lotto MAX aficionado, but it appears that Lotto 6/49 had more for him in store. Martial was the first living being to hear the good news, as Mr. Coronado鈥檚 wife was at work at the time. The couple plans to make a trip to the Philippines, as well as purchase a home for the two of them and the dog in Richmond. Meanwhile, an Ontario couple is also among the major winners this month.

Mont茅r茅gie Attracts Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Cash Piles Reaching CA$34.5m

Melvin and Heather Roumeliotis of Guelph are now lotto millionaires with the help of a Lotto 6/49 ticket bringing them CA$1 million. The two of them became eligible for the cash prize on November 13 and they were quick to bag their prize. Plans for the foreseeable future include investing a slice of the overall prize, as well as sharing it with their loved ones and spending it for various purchases.

Quebec Lotto MAX Enthusiast Could Soon Bag CA$32m Main Prize

In the meantime, Lotto 6/49 returned for another draw on November 23 with a Main Prize reaching CA$11 million. However, it remained unclaimed once again, swelling to CA$14 million as we approach the November 27 draw. Lotto MAX has a CA$50-million Main Prize ready to be grabbed once the November 26 draw comes. The amount is rapidly approaching the CA$70-million cap.
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Players across Canada Find Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Windfalls Hard to Believe-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Both instant scratch tickets and the traditional lottery draws are able to make one’s life much easier and hassle-free. Almost all Crown corporations praised winners bagging their prizes, such as the Manitoba couple winning some CA$111,069.10 and finding it hard to believe.
William and Margaret Dumas hail from Thompson and are now much richer than they were at the beginning of this summer. As it often happens with larger cash payouts, the couple decided to take some time for consideration, reevaluation, and mental preparation for the grand prize coming their way.
The lucky Lotto 6/49 draw the two of them benefitted from was the July 27 one. As a result of their small ticket purchase, they became much richer, but the good news seemed quite unreal at first. Mr. Dumas found out about the prize and was quick to tell his wife, who refused to believe him.
Enthusiasts Celebrate Jackpots
Mrs. Dumas said that she needed another coffee before she was able to comprehend the amount of money she saw. A couple of months later, the two of them contacted the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and claimed their prize. It would be used for covering some outstanding payments and planning a brighter future.

Lotto 6/49 Player Snatch CA$5M Prize Once More, Could Treasure Chest Run Dry?

Another couple, this time from British Columbia recently received a Lotto MAX Extra jackpot reaching CA$500,000. Tammy and Herb Bahm of Terrace are the fortunate winners that have Lotto MAX to thank for their hassle-free future. The two of them were among the regular players eagerly anticipating the August 16 draw bringing many prizes.
Mrs. Bahm was the one sharing the good news, as she was scanning the lottery tickets she had purchased earlier. The innovative British Columbia Lottery Corporation mobile app allows players to scan their tickets and quickly find out whether they had won or not.

Lotto 6/49 Player Uses Birthday Charm for Ticket Purchase, Wins CA$1M Guaranteed Prize

Such scanning eliminates the possibility of seeing the wrong numbers and wasting time comparing the drawn numbers with those printed on the lottery ticket. In Mrs. Bahm’s case, it served as a shortcut to happiness.
Many of them Rely on the Lotto Apps
Mr. Bahm was at work when his wife called him and told him they are much richer now. Now it is time for planning, as the two of them would make a trip to Nashville, Tennessee with their motorcycles. The two of them have a Harley Davidson Road King and a Classic Heritage, which would be taken on an adventure in the foreseeable future. Their retirement would also benefit from the major windfall.

Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter

Lotto MAX was also generous to a player from Ontario, who has the September 6 draw to thank for his heftier bank account. Robert Reid of Barrie recently bagged his CA$188,207.50. He was able to match the six winning numbers of that draw, as well as the bonus one, which resulted in a generous slice of the overall prize.

Lotto MAX CA$50M Jackpot Snatched, Three Other Slice CA$9M Lotto 6/49 Pile

He recalled that the lucky purchase was made at the local Young Convenience on Minet’s Point Road. Quebec also had a winner to brag about, this time hailing from Laval. Ghislaine Germain won some CA$157,668 for her Lotto MAX ticket purchase ahead of the August 27 draw. The special ticker was bought at the Jean Coutu pharmacy in Sainte-Rose.
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Canadian Provinces Praise Fresh Lotto Millionaires Bagging Hefty Jackpots-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

This week would go down in history as yet another successful one for lottery enthusiasts across Canada and it is barely hump day. The cash prizes paid out by Loto-Quebec, British Columbia Lottery Corporation, and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation range between CA$100,000 and CA$1,000,000.
It also appears that this week was a special one for instant lottery tickets fans, as they also bagged substantial cash prizes. Canada has two new millionaires that have the lottery to thanks for their transformed life.
The stars aligned in the best way possible for two Lotto 6/49 players hailing from Quebec, one from the July 17 draw and another from the August 3. The month of July was a generous one for Lotto 6/49 players, which could be confirmed by Catherine Lemaitre, one of the millionaires. She purchased the lucky ticket ahead of the regular draw at Jean Coutu in Magog.
Quebec Sees Two Millionaires
The July 17 regular draw came and at first, she did not realize the grand win, but the guaranteed CA$1-million prize awaited her. Jean Coutu’s point of sale is about to bag CA10,000 of this jackpot. Rouyn-Noranda is where the second millionaire is hailing from, once again a Lotto 6/49 enthusiast.

Mississauga Lotto 6/49 Player CA$9M Richer, Richmond CA$60M Winner Still Hesitates

Vincent Chamberland-Cliche, 24, would have his life much easier from here on out thanks to the CA$1 million he just bagged. August 3 saw the regular draw bringing guaranteed CA$1-million prizes. Mr. Chamberland-Cliche had previously purchased the ticket at the Petro-Canada gas station located on Quebec Boulevard.

Lotto 6/49, Lotto MAX Jackpots Survive, Players Grab Smaller Cash Prizes

His patience paid out immensely as soon as he received the cash prize. Lotto 6/49 proved generosity in British Columbia too, as a Kamloops player recently became CA$500,000 richer.
Apart from the Main Prize and all smaller cash windfalls, Lotto 6/49 offers more opportunities for winning big. The guaranteed CA$1-million prizes and the Extra draw are the second and third chance this game gives. Doris Costain could confirm that this is all to be reckoned with and not a joke.
Scratch-Off Tickets Are Popular Too
She was jokingly conversing with a friend of her that she might be the mysterious winner from Kamloops. Little did she know that this was in fact the case. Upon checking the lottery ticket, she realized the Extra draw has brought her good fortune that would change her way of living.

Richmond Player Now Eligible for CA$60M Lotto MAX Windfall

She said that for the longest time she had been wanting to go on a trip to Ireland, an adventure that could easily happen now. Ontario also saw big winnings over the past few days and the lucky players have already felt the hefty lottery cheques. Rocio Plata Zaldivar of Stittsville received CA$100,000 from the Lotto MAX Encore draw. It took place on July 16, but the woman took her time to contact Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Lotto 6/49 Winner Bag CA$9.1M while Many Eye Lotto MAX CA$60M

The life-changing purchase was made at Ultramar/Express Mart on Main Street in Stittsville. Another Ontario couple would forever associate crosswords with a better life, as they won CA$100,000 from the Instant Crossword Tripler scratch-off ticket. Ciaran and Renee Griffin are both retired, meaning that they are going to spend their fresh cash in the best way possible – with their family.
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Loto-Québec Celebrates Half a Century with Trip down Memory Lane-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Loto-Québec is about to make the year 2020 a special one, as it is celebrating half a century of lottery operation within Quebec. Over the past 50 years, this Crown corporation has been changing people’s lives for the better and this year would see the special monthly draw celebrating 50 years of operation. Tickets sale for CA$2, making them a rather affordable offering.

Five decades of operation and making dreams come true have something to say about the success of a given corporation. Loto-Québec proudly announced that this year would be a period of celebration with many new offerings, tournaments, and new ways in which players could win big. They are projected to increase the popularity of draw-based regular games down the road.
Nostalgic Ticket Up for Grabs

Celebrating tradition before anything else is important for the lottery corporation and this is evident by the new offering that would mark 50 years of operation. January 27 saw the beginning of sales of Loterie Mensuelle tickets, each of which amounts to CA$2. There are five jackpots worth CA$125,000 awaiting their winners to become eligible for them.

Loto-Québec Wages Once Again Part of Controversial Report

As for the official draw for this phase, it would take place on March 14. Players have until March 13 to make their winning purchases and make their way into the group of potential winners. The Crown corporation makes it clear that the odds of winning a cash prize of this draw are one in 7.0. However, the approximate odds of winning the grand prize of CA$125,000 are one in 600,000.

Quebec Players Pour More Cash into Casino Gaming, Loto-Quebec Reveals

This could further motivate participants to purchase the brand new tickets and be part of the hype. The first five draws of the new lottery offering are about to bring the grand prize of CA$125,000 for five fortunate players. The following five draws of the new monthly offering would tone game action a bit with five CA$50,000 prizes as the maximum ones.
March 14, 2020 Brings Draw
The last five draws announced for the time being would introduce five CA$25,000 prizes up for grabs. Upon purchasing the lottery ticket, players should scratch the Draw Number zone and see their seven-digit number valid for the draw on March 14. It is all about the spirit of nostalgia, as Loto-Québec launched its operation with a monthly draw. Quebec enthusiasts had the chance to enjoy it in January 1970.

Loto-Quebec Poured CA$2.58M into Facebook, Google Ads over Last Year

It came with the same rules, featuring a maximum jackpot of CA$125,000. It also amounted to CA$2, making it an affordable lottery offering 50 years ago and nowadays. March 14, 1970, was when the first lotto winners in Quebec learned they are eligible for a cash payout. It evokes nostalgia like never before, as the ticket itself is an exact replica of the original ticket with a simple layout and all distinct symbols.

Loto-Quebec Teams Up with Internap Corp. for Brighter Online Gaming Future

Back in 1971, the Crown corporation was able to support Quebec Treasury with allocations of CA$25 million. Half a century later, this annual amount has increased to CA$1.3 billion due to the wider range of gaming offerings, the heftier jackpots there are, as well as the overall popularity surge. Quebec has collected about CA$40 billion over the past 50 years of lottery operation.
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Pollard Enhances Lotto Offerings with CA$13.4m mkodo Purchase-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Pollard Banknote made official its decision to acquire mkodo Limited with the help of a definitive agreement inked recently. This would result in the acquisition of mkodo’s equity in its entirety, ensuring that future operation of the two lottery powerhouses would go smoothly. For the time being, it appears that the deal would be closed at the beginning of 2020. Both companies have a strong foothold across Canadian provinces.

In the gaming world, expanding one’s horizons is essential for the development of a given gaming giant. Down the road, acquiring a rival or a company that could diversify offerings and result in an even better end product is beneficial for the operation. It also means that the customers of two companies come together to form an even larger audience awaiting new offerings.
Digital Improvement Projected

Pollard Banknote made it clear that mkodo is the partner it needs right now, confirmed by the acquisition announcement. The lottery products leader decided to acquire 100 percent of mkodo, known for its digital operation and the creation of lottery apps for some of the Canadian provincial corporations. Its experience and professionalism would make it possible for Pollard Banknote to implement it in its future projects.

Pollard Banknote Touts Q2 2019 Financial Performance Bettered by Acquisitions

Ever since 2001, mkodo has been working closely with lottery corporations, sports betting giants, as well as gaming providers willing to introduce premium online platforms to their players. Most of the Canadian lottery corporations work in close collaboration with the developer, powering their lottery apps. This year saw the Western Canada Lottery Corporation collaborate with mkodo on its mobile lotto app available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Pollard Banknote Expands Horizons across the Ocean with Fastrak Retail Purchase

The year 2020 is projected to see the new competitive mobile lottery app, allowing players to scan their tickets in a quick and easy manner, as to check whether they win or not. Players hailing from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, in addition to Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut will have the chance to enjoy the premium technology in the upcoming months.
Deal Closes Q1 2020
British Columbia Lottery Corporation has worked with the company on its app in the past, but this year saw the Crown corporation reach out for modernization. Its new functionalities would allow players to deposit and withdraw funds giving them the online freedom they have always been looking for.

BC Lottery Corporation Inks 10-Year Extension to Pollard Banknote Contract

In addition to that, the updated app is going to allow them to purchase lottery tickets for national and regional games. UK-based lotteries have also been collaborating closely with mkodo over the years. Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, made it clear that the acquisition would make it possible for mkodo to reach an entirely new audience ready for its premium offerings. This move estimates to some CA$13.4 million.

Pollard Banknote Revives Beloved Christmas Classic in Time for the Holidays

Pollard Banknote wants to be well-positioned for future sports wagering expansion in Canada, as the country strives to remain competitive to the neighboring US. Sports wagering and online bingo offerings mkodo is known for would diversify existing Pollard Banknote treats and enhance them with fresh technology. Digital presence is projected to see an improvement, as players enjoy the revamped platform of Pollard Banknote’s online lottery and various perks in the digital space.
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