Ontario Students Learn about Gambling Addiction while Video Gaming-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation wants to make sure that problem gambling concerns in the region of Ontario are kept at bay with its new initiative. Centennial College students had the chance to learn more about gambling addictions and the ways it affects their lives thanks to the interactive video game that they played. It showed them the actual impact of problem gambling, an addiction that could hit them hard at any time.

Players are drawn to the instant gratification factor of gambling, as it satisfies their need for thrill and action that has the potential to be a lucrative one. This demand for excitement is often what drags many of them deep into the abyss of problem gambling, affecting their life, relationships, and financial state.
Emotional Response Triggered

Many players consider themselves in control of the situation, claiming they could stop gambling at any time if they feel the need to. However, developing a healthy relationship with gaming is what could truly prevent the situation to spiral out of control. Students and younger people are easily impressionable and therefore prone to developing gambling addiction quicker and with more lasting impact.

Videoslots Fortifies Problem Gambling Tools with Wiraya

This is one of the main reasons why the Responsible Gambling Council introduced this interactive approach to compulsive gambling. Educating them about the devastating effects it could have and showcasing the ways in which gambling affects their brain on a core level is essential for the special program. Danielle Ayee, team leader of Check Your Reflex, made it clear that some 7.1 percent of the individuals between 18 and 24 experience problem gambling to some extent.

Games and Memes Galore at Problem Gambling Teen Traveling Show

This is especially true when it comes to online gambling, available across the Canadian provinces and the opportunities for winning big it provides. As a result of the ready availability of gambling through their phones or via their laptops, they could dive deep into the world of gambling addiction and risk their bright future.
Centennial College Sees Problem Gambling Program
The Centennial College campus at Morningside Avenue recently witnessed the installation of a large LED display allowing players to play an educational video game. It aimed to showcase the exact way gambling affects their emotions and the ways their brains respond to the stimuli provided. The joystick they used processed information such as their excitement at the moment of gambling.

Chances Casino Fort St. John Greenlights GameSense Problem Gambling Zone

Changes in their emotional state were detected in mere seconds. The bigger this excitement grows, the more players tend to spend while gambling, possibly taking risks. Some of the students that participated in the special test have never before participated in gambling and they learned first-hand that this might not be the most suitable pastime activity for them. Overspending is one of the major problems while a player is chasing a certain win.

It Is Too Soon to Estimate Cascades Casino Chatham Problem Gambling Impact

The educational program aims to show students how their life could change in a matter of seconds, as gambling addiction could be triggered by the emotional connection players develop. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the Ontario Ministry of Health collaborated with the non-profit organization for this interactive and modern approach to problem gambling.
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Groups of Friends Bag Stellar Lotto Prizes in B.C., Ontario-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Groups of individuals are often drawn to purchasing a lottery ticket together as a form of gambling, often times a bonding experience among coworkers. Such is the case with 15 British Columbians working together that became eligible for a cash payout of CA$500,000, meaning that each of the coworkers is about to bag some CA$33,300 for their participation in the lotto bonanza.

All of those individuals hail from Dawson Creek, British Columbia and they have a reason to celebrate, as each and every one of them has been fortunate enough to become eligible for the major cash slice. They have been persistent in their lottery ticket purchases over the years, but it is a known fact that gambling winnings do not come through maturity of chances.
Grand Winners Celebrate

Gambler’s fallacy teaches us that a losing streak does not mean that a winning streak is ahead of us. It is all a matter of chance and the good luck one has. In the situation involving the Dawson Creek individuals, they had purchased a Daily Grand ticket and managed to match all Extra numbers needed for bagging the prize. This meant that the group ticket becomes eligible for the cash payout of CA$500,000.

CA$17.6m Lotto 6/49 Winner Kept Scanning Ticket in Disbelief

Stephen Gibson was the individual that purchased the winning ticket and became the captain of this group. This meant that the winning cheque had his name written on him followed by the clarification that this amount is given to him in trust. The winning ticket purchase was made at the Dawson Co-op, meaning that the location is now eligible for a cash payout amounting to one percent of the overall prize.

Pollard Enhances Lotto Offerings with CA$13.4m mkodo Purchase

The first individual to learn the good news about a winning ticket was his wife, instead of the remaining 14 individuals eligible for the prize. Mr. Gibson wanted to share the good news with her first, as he was still in shock and disbelief. He wanted to make the announcement as special as possible, gathering them all after work hours.
Ontario Was Also Fortunate Enough
Another group of individuals bagged CA$1 million for their winning ticket purchase in Woodbridge. The five lottery enthusiasts bought a winning Lotto MAX draw and this made them eligible for the major Maxmillions prize. December 7 was their lucky day, just in time for the Christmas celebrations and the season of giving.

Group of Six Lotto MAX Millionaires Plan their Future in Quebec

They were quick to claim their prize and split it five ways, every one of them receiving CA$200,000. Jeevara Oshana, 28, was the captain of this group and he was the person checking the lottery ticket shortly after the winning draw. Sam’s Food Market and Convenience in Woodbridge was the fortunate location welcoming the ticket purchasers. Now it is eligible for one percent of the overall prize. Plans for holiday trips and exotic locations are on top of the winners’ lists right now.

Birthday Wishes Come True with Lotto 6/49, Dog Hears First

In the meantime, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation decided to highlight the fortunate event of winning big. Its brand new advertisement campaign brings attention to winners of previous lottery draws. Operation Red Nose volunteers were among the grand winners of 2018. Some 50 individuals became eligible for a cash payout of CA$1 million. The prize was split among them and each of them received CA$20,000.
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Genting Group Donates Lawmakers US$132,000 at the Wake of Legislative Session-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Empire Center Casino and Resorts World Casino New York are willing to support local lawmakers with their contributions, as it recently became evident. Some US$132,000 have been allocated to leading figures to the likes of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul. In addition to that, the casino operator also financially supported 13 Democratic state lawmakers from New York City, Hudson Valley, as well as Catskills.

This form of contribution shows the casino resorts’ support of local lawmakers and the general direction they are facing when it comes to gaming expansion on a state level. The donation itself takes place at an important time of the year, as it coincided with the beginning of the 2020 legislative session in Albany. It aims to place the casino resorts in the good books.
Genting Hides Donation

Genting Group is the international casino operator overseeing the locations with the brand Resorts World. Bringing Asian force to the local market, this giant has been ready for an improvement to take place on a local scale. This year is important for the Upstate New York casino complexes, as well as the tribal casino venues across the state, as it could see the official legalization of mobile sports wagering.

Upstate New York Casinos Avoided Paying State US$13m, Audit Claims

January 9 was an important date for the casino operator overseeing both locations, as it saw the first donation of this year. A day earlier, on January 8, the new legislative session commenced for New York State. Lawmakers to the likes of Sen. James Skoufis of Cornwall, Sen. Shelley Mayer of Yonkers and Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther of Forestburgh bagged donations amounting to upwards of US$1,500.

Upstate New York Witnesses Yet Another Sports Betting Revenue Slump

It should be taken into account that both Resorts World New York City and Empire Center Casino want to see gaming expansion in the upcoming years, allowing them the chance to bring more gaming opportunities to their premises. This includes in-person sports wagering, potentially featuring mobile betting too, as well as table games. PAC, based in New Jersey, later on, linked with Scott Molina, president of Resorts World Casino New York City, made the contributions.
Casino Expansion in the Works
The enhanced gaming possibilities in Queens and Yonkers have the potential to attract more individuals to the two gaming venues. In addition to the gaming tables and wagering on single sports events, they want to see the introduction of slot machines, essentially making them casino venues. For the time being, they offer video lottery terminals only, limiting the gaming potential of these places.

Gateway Casinos Faces New York via Strategic Merger

The ultimate goal for this year would be an amendment to the existing law that would allow the gaming locations to receive a license for gaming operation ahead of the 2023 planned date. Projections are that three casino licenses would be issued in three years, bringing expansion to New York State. However, the conversation of speeding up the expansion has been reignited last summer. Former Governor David Paterson has previously expressed his desire to see a new casino venue approved in 2020.

New York State Bags US$255m from Seneca Nation of Indians, Ruling Says

Fear of cannibalization within the local gaming field has also been surrounding the topic, as commercial casino locations in Upstate New York have been experiencing plunging sports betting revenue over the past few months. December saw the lowest amount since its launch in the summer of 2019. Mobile sports wagering is projected to make the offering even more popular and keep the state competitive enough.
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Cascades Casino Chatham Bolsters Local Hospitality Businesses-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Cascades Casino Chatham is able to propel local businesses like no other, as the local hospitality field has confirmed recently. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham revealed that it is about to introduce an expansion. As many as 48 new guest rooms are going to be added to the premium inn located in Chatham. This would facilitate the increased flow of customers in the area, as people seek a place to spend the night while they enjoy a couple of days in Chatham.

There are many ways in which a casino venue could impact its host community and many of them are positive ones. Those range from the annual allocations generated by the gaming revenue on of the venue, to the created job opportunities for locals seeking steady employment.
Holiday Inn & Suites Chatham

A popular casino location is also able to support the host community’s economy through boosting operation of businesses located in the vicinity of the venue. Such might be the case with Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham eyeing expansion in the foreseeable future. Dean Bradley is the President of Brad-Lea Meadows Ltd., the company overseeing operation of the hospitality location.

Cascades Casino North Bay Follows in Chatham’s Project Footsteps

He pointed out that at this point estimating the real impact of the casino venue would be hard to pinpoint. Guests of the inn do not highlight their reason for needing an accommodation upon arriving at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham. Only time would tell whether the surge of interest would continue growing with time.

Cascades Casino Chatham Benefits from a New CKTransit Route

Cascades Casino Chatham launched operation in July this year and proved the CA$36-million investment has a lot up for grabs. This is when the soft opening took place, while the official opening took place in August. Mr. Bradley confirmed that the hotel expansion is about to launch in September 2020 for a well-rounded process on site. It would include the renovation of the existing 117 rooms, as well as the construction of 48 new ones.
Others Benefits for the Community
The entire Holiday Inn is about to undergo the renovation stepping up its game for travelers and gamers. The 48 rooms added to the overall number of rooms available for booking would be added to the top floors of the Holiday Inn. It could be recalled that the beginning of September saw Cascades Casino Chatham impact the local community in another positive way.

Celebrities, Casino Money Galore at Cascades Casino Chatham’s Official Ribbon Cutting

The greenlighting of a fifth CKTransit route within the community became reality. It essentially made access to the casino complex much easier while adding an entirely new trip during the busiest time of the day. The locals and guests of Chatham-Kent welcomed such a positive impact. Many locals interested in more convenient transportation offerings and the opportunity of going anywhere faster had eagerly anticipated the month of September.

Cascades Casino Chatham Soft Opening Welcomes Effervescent Crowd

The new CKTransit route covers the area between Richmond Street and Queen Street and its positive impact has already been visible. The new independent casino complex was built from scratch and comes with 300 slots and 10 table games, as well as two signature restaurants – MATCH Eatery and Public House and The Buffet.
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KED’s Legal Battle Costs Swell to CA$500,000 Veiled in Uncertainty-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Kingsway Entertainment District is among the large projects in Greater Sudbury that would need a couple more years of construction before they could welcome their first patrons. The legal battle around this controversial project and the delays of the special zone are estimated to cost some CA$500,000. Up until this point, city coffers have contributed some CA$2.2 million of taxpayers’ money for the initial phase of the project.

What should be taken into account when it comes to Kingsway Entertainment District is the estimated overall prize of this diverse zone. Projections are that it would cost about CA$100 million, a cost shared between the city and developers taking care of it. As of now, the project is expected to feature a wide array of offerings to the likes of a hotel tower for individuals making their way to the complex, various restaurants, as well as a casino venue overseen by Gateway Casinos.
Project Could Launch in 2022

Each of the parties involved offered financial support. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment guarantees 14.7 percent of the funding for both roadworks in the area and intersection improvements, whereas the City provides 27.9 percent of the cost for each of them. The casino developer also brings to the table 29.4 percent of the cost for blasting and grading, a process funded mainly by the City.

Greater Sudbury KED Appeals Review Should Not be Accelerated, Council Votes

The beginning stages included work that would facilitate future construction. This includes optimization of stormwater draining, as well as some work on the intersection that would make it possible for individuals to travel to and fro Kingsway Entertainment District. Back in November 2018, Ward 1 City Councilor Mark Signoretti pointed out extensive spending on the project.

Sudbury Officials Concerned LPAT Delays Could Jeopardize Projected Economy Boost

He brought forward two motions aiming to prevent more cash being poured in Kingsway Entertainment District at least until all appeals filed by community members and businesses have been thoroughly examined. Spending taxpayers money without certainty on the project itself was considered an unacceptable act, eventually leading to a project freeze and a deadline extension.
Sudbury Officials Concerned
Ontario Superior Court and the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal have yet to issue their official position on crucial subjects related to the entertainment zone. The original plan for the construction phase suggested that it should welcome its first customers and patrons in June 2019, but as it later became clear, the ongoing legal battle would extend this phase until 2021 or even 2022.

New Provincial Planning Rules Dispute Delays Sudbury Casino and Arena Decision

Councilor Geoff McCausland recently raised awareness of the unknown factors surrounding this project making it a progressively uncertain one. Nature could also take its toll down the road, as the project is located in a region known for its seismic activity that has eventually resulted in a fracture in the ground. Estimations at this point are that the money that would eventually be needed for covering legal expenses might surpass the CA$500,000 mark.

Kingsway Entertainment District Issues Cost-Sharing Info, Appellants Seek Funds to Continue Battle

As of recently, Tom Fortin, a local businessman and avid opponent of gambling in Sudbury filed pieces of evidence suggesting city officials showed bias when giving their approval of the project in general, as well as on subsequent occasions. Across 1,500 pages of evidence, Mr. Fortin and locals well-acquainted with the field alleged that the bylaws greenlighting in the spring of 2018 was biased. Back then officials approved the construction of a casino complex, parking lot and a convention center.
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Gateway Casino Sarnia Seeks 60 Staff Members Next Month-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Following six years of no gaming action on its premises, Hiawatha Horse Park would very soon welcome slots gaming action powered by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. The casino operator announced it is looking to hire as many as 60 individuals ready to oversee operation at the gaming location, as they would be needed for operation down the road. A job fair would be held on December 12.

Last week saw the official announcement of preparation work for the future Gateway Casino Sarnia launch. Locals were eager to know more about the slots venue that would return to the vibrant horse racing location and support its future operation both with financial allocations and with an increased number of individuals traveling there.
Staff Members Needed

This positive boost would make Hiawatha Horse Park even more popular than it currently is, but a slots venue opening would also mean more job positions for locals in need of employment. As many as 60 new positions are now available at the revived slots venue, as confirmed by the casino operator. December 12 is about to see the highly-anticipated job fair seeking individuals ready to join the team.

Hiawatha Horse Park Says Yes to Gateway Casinos Slots after a 6-Year Hiatus

Point Edward’s Sunbridge Hotel & Conference Centre is projected to welcome all enthusiasts on that day between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. This would give them enough time to apply to all positions that interest them and have a comprehensive conversation with their potential employer and managers. Available positions range from positions responsible for the dining offerings part of the premium areas to individuals taking care of all casino patrons upon their entrance.

Sarnia Officials Mull Over Slots Return to Hiawatha Horse Park after 6-Year Hiatus

Moreover, the new location would also need individuals taking care of the surveillance on site, as well as security guards guaranteeing gaming operation runs smoothly. Individuals would also be needed for the proper slots operation in the long run, as slots technicians are an essential part of the gaming location team. In a sense, the job fair is about to seek a wide range of individuals in need of employment.
Gateway Casino Opens by January 31, 2020
Gateway Casino Sarnia is about to welcome back 150 slot machines, which is a far cry from its original 450 devices on site six years ago. However, the new location is expected to make the racetrack even more popular and offer financial help to local horse people. Starlight Casino Point Edward is located some 9km away from the future slots location, but this does not worry Gateway Casinos.

Gateway Casinos Sarnia Welcomes First Patrons by January 31

The two locations are overseen by the same casino operator, but they bring a different experience to their patrons, meaning that field cannibalization is not currently on the table. According to the agreement between Gateway Casinos and the host community, city coffers are going to receive 5.25-percent allocations of the first CA$65 million generated by Gateway Casino Sarnia. Increased interest in the horse racing location could mean future expansion on site.

Ontario Horse Racing Field Bags CA$115M in Annual Allocations from OLG, Government

Jim Henderson, owner of the racetrack, recently stated that a hotel tower might be the next step for Hiawatha Horse Park. Moreover, a dining location with premium offerings could complement well food offerings available at the slots venue. Locals are projected to see the official opening ceremony by January 31, 2020.
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B.C. Attorney-General Highlights Anti-Money Laundering Progress ahead of Inquiry-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

When it comes to British Columbia, money laundering has been a topic of wide discussion highlighting existing issues in need of more attention. British Columbia Attorney-General David Eby recently showed footage of individuals bringing piles of cash in a provincial casino venue at the Union of B.C. Municipalities annual convention.
He noted that measures have been taken, but there is more that should be done. Money laundering practices, just like all criminal underground ones, are hard to keep track on and pinpointing their actual magnitude is quite the task.
This is something Attorney-General Eby is aware of, as he pointed it out during his last presentation on the subject. He aimed to raise awareness of the issue while making it known that measures have been taken as of now. The only way this current situation could be improved would be through excellent information flow.
Crackdown Hit Casinos
The collaboration between several vulnerable fields could make the task much easier and minimize money laundering opportunities. As a result of multiple reports on the subject, issued by experts such as former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Deputy Commissioner Peter German, insufficient information flow was pinpointed as a serious issue.

Nine out of Ten in B.C. Consider Money Laundering Serious Concern, Nation Seeks Inquiry

Communication between the British Columbia government and Ottawa left something to be desired, eventually obstructing work on battling money laundering, allowing it to thrive and reach new heights.

Canada Fortifies Anti-Money Laundering Regulation ahead of B.C. Public Inquiry

Mr. Eby addressed the issue saying that neither the casino management nor provincial officials found this substantial cash flow suspicious. As a result of the money laundering crackdown on a provincial level, many locations among which Parq Casino Vancouver experienced gaming revenue drop.

British Columbia Liberal MP Once Again in the Money-Laundering Spotlight

Finance Minister Carole James also made it clear that local regulations have been worked on in order to prevent dirty cash from flowing freely, however the task has not been the easiest. Simon Fraser University business Prof. Maureen Maloney transformed this spring with a report on real estate revealing staggering sums.
Real Estate Enabled Laundering Too
Combating Money Laundering in B.C. Real Estate report showed that on a national level, some CA$46.7 billion was washed in 2018 solely. Contrary to popular belief, Alberta was the province that has reportedly laundered the largest amount – CA$10.2 billion. Ontario followed closely with CA$8.2 billion, whereas British Columbia ranked third with its CA$6.3 billion of dirty cash washed. One of the latest measures battling this issue was the introduction of the Land Owner Transparency Act.

BCLC Sees Resignations ahead of Possible Money-Laundering Probe, Public Inquiry this Fall

A public inquiry is something many Canadians are looking forward to, as fall was projected to give green light to such. Andrew Scheer, Member of Parliament for the riding of Regina—Qu’Appelle, recently stated that the real estate field is about to see an inquiry seeking the reason behind the rising housing market prices. Greater Toronto Area and Vancouver have been the areas seeing the biggest impact.

B.C. Money Laundering Saga Links Casino Loan Shark to Local Housing Market

Angus Reid Institute conducted a detailed survey on the subject, aiming to learn more about Canadians’ perspective on money laundering. It revealed that about 74 percent of the people participating in it consider it a serious issue on a provincial level, while more than 80 percent claim that the nation as a whole should do something about it.
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Seneca Nation Starves Communities of Casino Cash, Teams Up with Buffalo Bills-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Seneca Nation of Indians is among the tribal gaming leaders of New York State, which comes with the obligation of supporting casino host communities with gaming revenue allocations. Niagara Falls, Salamanca, and Buffalo are the locations supposed to benefit from casino operation but essentially struggling right now.
Salamanca is in need of US$15 million that could be later on invested in roadworks related to State roads 219 and 417. Gaming revenue generated by a casino venue is of great help for the local community, as it is able to cover various beautification works across the community and make it a more pleasant one to live in.
Local charity organizations are also able to profit from the gaming operation taking place, but casinos are also popular enough to fuel roadworks, as another benefit. Now that the Native American tribe refuses to pay allocations to New York State, host communities struggle to make ends meet.
Salamanca Needs US$15 Million
Salamanca Mayor Michael Smith recently highlighted the exact amount needed by the local community that is missing for the time being – US$15 million. As a result of this lack of funding, local roads are in need of fixing, but without the financial cushion to get it done.

Arbitration Panel Votes Seneca Nation of Indians Should Resume Casino Revenue Allocations to New York State

Pavement issues make transportation tougher and highlight the things that need to be fixed once and for all. What should be pointed out is that roadworks on Route 2019 outside Salamanca are being handled by the New York State Department of Transportation, but nobody has done anything for the condition of roads within the town limits.

Seneca Nation Could Complicate Matters for Casino Host Communities

Mayor Smith stated that this is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s responsibility and he should take matters seriously before more accidents have occurred. Salamanca is part of the Seneca Nation of Indians’ territory and as it is known, only a quarter of all residents pay property taxes for their land.

Niagara Falls Coffers Run Dry without Seneca Nation of Indians Casino Payments

In this sense, the gaming allocations have been beneficial for the community, before they ran dry. For the Mayor, this is a fair example of a political stunt that is aimed at Seneca Nation of Indians but directly affects host communities.
NFL Team Collaborates with Native American Tribe
As it is known, this spring saw an arbitration panel issue a statement that the Native American tribe has to pay US$255 million to the state, covering outstanding casino revenue allocations. They have been generated since the beginning of 2017. The tribe argued that there is no legal obligation to do so according to the compact for casino operation it inked in 2002.

Seneca Nation Seeks Federal Court Help amid Casino Allocations Saga

In other news, NFL giants Buffalo Bills recently announced a partnership with the Seneca Nation as their official casino partner down the road. Pegula Sports and Entertainment proudly announced that the three casino resorts overseen by the Native American tribe are going to be promoting the team and the exciting Ultimate Billieve RV Giveaway.

Seneca Nation Seeks Justice via the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

Fans are now able to try their luck and possibly win great prizes. The big one is a 2019 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 35v recreational vehicle, as well as two 2020 Buffalo Bills seasons tickets. Such a partnership paves the way for future sports wagering opportunities on site of the three casino resorts, which had been hinted at last month.
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Another Class-Action Lawsuit Targets British Columbia’s VLTs-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

British Columbia Lottery Corporation might have to face another legal battle in the foreseeable future, as a class-action lawsuit targets video lottery terminals overseen by the Crown corporation. The popular gaming offerings sprinkled across the province have been targeted by a lawsuit claiming that they have addictive characteristics while also being deceptive by nature. Corina Riesebos of Kelowna launched the legal battle.

When it comes to the diversity of gambling opportunities across Canada, there are many various devices players could use in their daily gaming activities. Video lottery terminals are among the most popular machines offering players the chance of winning big in no time. Canadians have shown their preference for the vibrant gaming opportunities these devices have up for grabs.
Class-Action Lawsuit

Locations such as bars and restaurants often have video lottery terminals available for the players to give their luck a try and perhaps win an unexpected prize. However, the recently filed class-action lawsuit against them claim that they have a deceptive nature and often misrepresent the eventual outcome of the game. Moreover, the lawsuit also claims that these devices are inherently addictive due to the various stimuli they have.

BCLC Proprietary GameSense Program Expands Influence in the US

Even though they might resemble traditional slot machines that have been a staple of every casino venue and gambling location, video lottery terminals have a rather different nature. They bring continuous gambling closer to the players, engaging them for longer periods of time. This happens thanks to the cognitive distortions creating a false reality.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Lures Players into VLT Gambling with Coupons amid Class Action Lawsuit

Players might be losing but they are left with the impression that they are winners. As a result, they engage in the gaming activity for longer and end up spending more than originally intended. This makes the devices deceptive, according to the claims of the class-action lawsuit. It also clarifies that these devices have hidden odds of winning big, making it unclear for the player how much they would win.
Legal Battle Commences
Players are left to their own devices, as they are unable to guess the odds correctly. Such a feature should not be allowed to affect their gaming experience in a negative way. Ms. Riesebos is one of the individuals personally affected by the gaming traits of video lottery terminals. She has about two decades of history with the aforementioned gaming devices or electronic gaming devices as they are commonly referred to.

Come January Alan Kerr to Become Chief Financial Officer of BCLC

She has been participating in this gaming offering in British Columbia ever since 2015. The plaintiff has gone through a lot due to regular engagement. This included financial loss, emotional damage, as well as mental distress, as the devices can take their toll on a person’s life. Relationships often suffer from the addictive tendencies of the players. The class-action lawsuit could include individuals that have participated in this activity after February 7, 2018.

BCLC Offers Gambling Addiction Convo in Mandarin, Cantonese

Moreover, the lawsuit further claims that video lottery terminals within the province breach the existing Criminal Code. It should be taken into account that the lawsuit is after CA$1 million in punitive damages, as well as more information on the gaming profits amassed by the said devices. Atlantic Lottery Corporation is part of a similar class-action lawsuit claiming that these devices have a deceptive nature. The outcome of that legal battle might influence this one, as well as the Canadian gaming space as a whole.
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Lotto MAX Maxmillion Prizes Multiply without a Main Winner-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Canada is looking forward to meeting its latest lottery jackpot winner that would go down in history as one of the luckiest enthusiasts to bag a cash prize. Lotto MAX is among the two most popular draw-based lottery offerings but its Main prize has remained untouched over the past few weeks. The most recent draw on January 3 came and went without a grand winner to bag the CA$70-million prize.

There are times in history when things appear to happen in their own way and at their own pace, such as the Main prize growth and development that has been going on over the past few months. There has not been a single lottery ticket able to match all the numbers needed for becoming eligible for it.
Lottery Jackpot Awaits Winner

All eyes have been set on this particular lottery offering, as it is among the most popular ones on a national level. Growing Main prize meant hat more individuals felt drawn to purchasing a Lotto MAX ticket and prefer it over the other popular draw-based offering – Lotto 6/49. With a slow but steady pace, the grand prize managed to reach the CA$70-million cap and survive yet another week.

Lotto MAX Main Prize Reaches Hefty CA$70m Cap on Jan. 3

This is a record sum that has never been reached or given away in Canada, as the Main prize had its cap increased back in May 2019. All eyes were set on the showstopper, but there were also 26 Maxmillion prizes up for grabs. Each of them amounts to CA$1 million, offering a second chance for those who have not been able to make it to the Main prize.

Quebec Proved to Be Attractive Enough for Lotto Windfalls

As many as 13 individuals would remember the special draw for they have become lotto millionaires. Eight of the CA$1-million prizes are going to be split among them, essentially distributing them across the provinces. Players of Quebec, the Prairies, Atlantic Canada, Ontario, as well as British Columbia are now eligible for the cash prizes.
Jan. 7 Brings Another Draw
Now that the Main prize has remained untouched, it would not be able to swell further than the cap set at CA$70 million. Instead, the additional prizes are about to increase in number, as time goes by. January 7 is about to bring the upcoming Lotto MAX draw bringing as many as 25 Maxmillion prizes as a second chance of winning big with the same lottery ticket.

British Columbia Congratulates Lotto 6/49 Millionaires Living a Simple Life

The online space was also flooded with the conversation, as #lottomax was trending al throughout January 3. People felt the need to share their thoughts, dreams, and hypothetical situations inspired by the great Main prize. In the meantime, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation issued a notice that a Lotto 6/49 ticket is set to reach its expiry date very soon. January 19 is about to see the expiration of a CA$10,000 ticket.

Who Bagged the Largest Lotto 6/49 Jackpots in Ontario this Year

The winning ticket has been sold in North York ahead of the January 19, 2019 Lotto 6/49 draw. Just like every other draw, this one has a 52-week claim period with only a couple of weeks remaining. Lottery enthusiasts are advised to check their bags, pockets, and drawers in order to find any misplaced lottery tickets in their possession. They might be their golden tickets to the hassle-free life. The winner could contact OLG Support Centre at 1-800-387-0098.
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