Playground Poker Takes Couples on Gourmet Trip this Valentine’s Day-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Valentine’s Day is upon us and couples around the world are preparing their celebration plans for that day of love and devotion. Playground Poker Club wants to make the special evening even more riveting with its premium offering for two. The romantic dinner on the premises of the gaming venue and its luxurious restaurant is about to leave a lasting impression on people.

Demonstrating your feelings and the devotion one has towards a significant other should not happen once a year only. However, February 14 is that special day that reminds us to showcase everything we have inside and share our most intimate thoughts with the people of our hearts. Feeling appreciated means quite a lot, making the special day the best occasion to showcase those feelings.
Celebrate Feb. 14 at Playground Poker

Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake is once again preparing a special event in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the best way possible. Couples from across Quebec and Kahnawake are invited to make their way to the premium poker venue and enjoy everything it has up for grabs. Playground Poker Club would ensure that all chefs on site take care of the individuals reserving a seat there.

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The meal itself is about to constitute a central part of this special evening of celebration. There would be three courses introducing a special treat for each and every individual present. The Kahnawake hotspot is also going to elevate the experience with the Top Note Jazz Trio, making the evening a sensual one for all senses. The ultimate goal of this evening is to bring a well-rounded experience to every participant.

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Reservations are currently possible and they are a must, as the venue itself would not be able to welcome large crowds. The intimate atmosphere is expected to make the dinner even more special. People can make their reservations by calling (450) 635-4318 in a timely manner ahead of February 14. The management reminds that there would be two seatings.
Kahnawake Readies for the Special Day
The first one is scheduled to take place at 6 p.m. on February 14 followed by a second one at 8:30 p.m. This would make it possible for more people to experience the special evening and get a taste of Valentine’s Day celebration. The price for this organized event is CA$55 per person, including gratuity.

Playground Poker Gives Hefty Presents Every Day of the Week

It should also be taken into account that every couple is about to receive one bottle of wine or Prosecco. In order to challenge their taste buds, chefs are going to take individuals on an exquisite trip. Some of the appetizers that would be served are salmon tartare and brie fondant, teleporting couples on a trip across France.

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As for the main dishes, people would have the chance to get a taste of a duck confit with bordelaise sauce, Icelandic cod roasted in miso sauce, or potato gnocchi served with a special truffle cream sauce. For the people with a sweet tooth, there is a decadent dessert about to take their breath away. The renowned chocolate mousse introduced along crème Chantilly might be the star of the show.
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Is Ontario the Next Money Laundering Safe Haven?-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Money laundering has been a topic of wide discussion across the Canadian provinces but work on the subject has to happen in a simultaneous manner. While British Columbia works on its draconian measures battling the illegal practice, Ontario might have attracted the criminals laundering dirty cash. Suspicious cash transactions in Ontario casinos increased by 50 percent in 2018.

Casino locations are among the most attractive venues for criminals willing to launder the cash proceeds of their illegal operation. Over the years, British Columbia has been considered the province offering the best conditions for laundering cash, due to its lax regulation and the blind eye it turns to suspicious transactions taking place along with the gambling operation. Ontario might have become a safe haven for criminals willing to launder cash.
Money Laundering in Ontario

The year 2018 witnessed a concerning amount of suspicious transactions coinciding with gambling at Ontario’s casino venues. British Columbia launched its crackdown on money laundering in 2018 and the criminals might have looked for other locations where their criminal practice could continue with the same frequency. Calvin Chrustie, a former Senior RCMP Officer, stated that criminals identify the weak spots in the system.

February 24 Greenlights Cullen Commission Money Laundering Public Inquiry

Ontario’s casino field might have become the next great opportunity for money laundering, as the number of suspicious transactions over CA$10,000 has increased over the span of 2018. There were 2,266 transactions reported to the Ontario Provincial Police, as Global News reported. It should be taken into account, that back in 2017, the number of suspicious transactions was only 945. Such an increase is enough to sound the alarm in Ontario.

British Columbia Money-Laundering Inquiry Reveals More this Spring

Another thing to be considered is the trend continuing in 2019 as well. By July 2019, the number of suspicious and potentially criminal transactions within Ontario reached 1,327. Ontario’s Government should work on solidifying its regulations making money laundering impossible, as it could potentially follow the infamous path of British Columbia. The reduction of money laundering in British Columbia might spell disaster for Ontario.
Illegal Practices
In the early spring of 2018, British Columbia Attorney General David Eby issued a statement that the first months of 2018 witnessed a significant slump in suspicious transactions within the province. They reached CA$200,000 in February 2018. He also pointed out that this figure managed to make it to the CA$20 million mark back in July 2015. But could money laundering be making its way to Ontario’s gambling venues?

Beware of Bank Accounts Used for Money Laundering, Fintrac Warns

The money-laundering crackdown in British Columbia is following the recommendations made by the Dirty Money report issued by former Senior Mountie Commissioner Peter German. As many as 48 ways in which money laundering could be battled were listed in his report, eyeing the elimination of this criminal practice. The Lower Mainland casino venues were also in the center of attention, with more details unearthed.

Ex-Casino Staff Feels Embarrassed Money Laundering Went on for Years in B.C.

In the meantime, February 24 is about to see the official launch of public hearings led by the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering. The Federal Court of Canada in Vancouver would see four days of conversation by some of the leaders in the regional and national gaming field. Both individuals and corporations have been granted standing in the public hearing process, allowing them to share their experience, thoughts, as well as call witnesses for further conversation.
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Tips and Tricks: Is Grand Villa Casino Staff Guilty of Tax Evasion?-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Canada Revenue Agency wants to make the national gambling field safe for everyone and one of the ways it is able to do so is via the taxable income of the workers relying on gambling operation for their income. Cheng Xia part of the Grand Villa Casino Burnaby staff managed to nearly double his annual salary and as a result, now slot machine attendants are legally obliged to report their tips as taxable income.

Canada lawmakers have worked hard in order to come up with a set of rules regulating the workforce and especially the additional payments workers are able to receive during their work. The so-called controlled tips are considered taxable, as they are controlled by the employer and are part of the total remuneration. On the other hand, direct tips are something different.
Tips and Gratuities

Direct tips are the ones customers give to the employee directly by leaving them on the table when it is a waiter or giving them to the door person. This type of tips is not subject to Canada Pension Plan contributions or Employment Insurance Act premiums. It is up to the worker whether they would report the said income as taxable or not.

Grand Villa Casino Served Beer with Glass Shard, Lawsuit Claims

Now the Canada Revenue Agency won in court and would make it mandatory for the slot machines attendants of Canadian casino locations to pay taxes on the tips they are able to receive while working on the casino floor. What triggered the conversation was an individual of Burnaby associated with Grand Villa Casino. Cheng Xia has been part of the casino structure ever since 1999.

Fun Times on the Horizon: Grand Villa Casino Burnaby Pioneers Immersive Gaming

The beginning of his casino career was as a dealer, later on, upgraded to a slot attendant with even greater responsibilities. The time window in question cited in the lawsuit was 2011 and 2012. Mr. Xia failed to introduce the tips he received as taxable income because they more than doubled his annual wage.
Doubling of Income with Tips
The reported income amounted to CA$27,011 in 2011 and CA$29,327 in 2021, but in the meantime, direct tips coming from customers have also increased. The year 2011 managed to bring him tips reaching CA$23,937, whereas the following year was even more generous to Mr. Xia and netted him CA$39,219. The tax agency found out about the additional cash payments he had received and claimed that he pays tax on them.

Come 2020 Grand Villa Casino Could Feature 1,400 Slot Machines and More

In response, the slot machine attendant stated in court that this amount of money is non-taxable, as they were often small portions of a jackpot a player had won. Such acts of generosity often happen in the gambling world, as winners like to thank the casino staff for changing their life. Tax Court Judge Diane Campbell made it clear that the aforementioned tips should not be considered gifts.

Grand Villa Casino Pours CA$50K Into Burnaby Mental Health Battle

Direct tips are taxable under the existing law, even though the same amount was a non-taxable while it was in the hands of the jackpot winner. He was supposed to pay CA$8,411 as a negligence penalty. However, last week saw him make his way to the hearing at the Federal Court of Appeal in Vancouver. More information on the subject is expected to be issued soon.
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Another Class-Action Lawsuit Targets British Columbia’s VLTs-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

British Columbia Lottery Corporation might have to face another legal battle in the foreseeable future, as a class-action lawsuit targets video lottery terminals overseen by the Crown corporation. The popular gaming offerings sprinkled across the province have been targeted by a lawsuit claiming that they have addictive characteristics while also being deceptive by nature. Corina Riesebos of Kelowna launched the legal battle.

When it comes to the diversity of gambling opportunities across Canada, there are many various devices players could use in their daily gaming activities. Video lottery terminals are among the most popular machines offering players the chance of winning big in no time. Canadians have shown their preference for the vibrant gaming opportunities these devices have up for grabs.
Class-Action Lawsuit

Locations such as bars and restaurants often have video lottery terminals available for the players to give their luck a try and perhaps win an unexpected prize. However, the recently filed class-action lawsuit against them claim that they have a deceptive nature and often misrepresent the eventual outcome of the game. Moreover, the lawsuit also claims that these devices are inherently addictive due to the various stimuli they have.

BCLC Proprietary GameSense Program Expands Influence in the US

Even though they might resemble traditional slot machines that have been a staple of every casino venue and gambling location, video lottery terminals have a rather different nature. They bring continuous gambling closer to the players, engaging them for longer periods of time. This happens thanks to the cognitive distortions creating a false reality.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Lures Players into VLT Gambling with Coupons amid Class Action Lawsuit

Players might be losing but they are left with the impression that they are winners. As a result, they engage in the gaming activity for longer and end up spending more than originally intended. This makes the devices deceptive, according to the claims of the class-action lawsuit. It also clarifies that these devices have hidden odds of winning big, making it unclear for the player how much they would win.
Legal Battle Commences
Players are left to their own devices, as they are unable to guess the odds correctly. Such a feature should not be allowed to affect their gaming experience in a negative way. Ms. Riesebos is one of the individuals personally affected by the gaming traits of video lottery terminals. She has about two decades of history with the aforementioned gaming devices or electronic gaming devices as they are commonly referred to.

Come January Alan Kerr to Become Chief Financial Officer of BCLC

She has been participating in this gaming offering in British Columbia ever since 2015. The plaintiff has gone through a lot due to regular engagement. This included financial loss, emotional damage, as well as mental distress, as the devices can take their toll on a person’s life. Relationships often suffer from the addictive tendencies of the players. The class-action lawsuit could include individuals that have participated in this activity after February 7, 2018.

BCLC Offers Gambling Addiction Convo in Mandarin, Cantonese

Moreover, the lawsuit further claims that video lottery terminals within the province breach the existing Criminal Code. It should be taken into account that the lawsuit is after CA$1 million in punitive damages, as well as more information on the gaming profits amassed by the said devices. Atlantic Lottery Corporation is part of a similar class-action lawsuit claiming that these devices have a deceptive nature. The outcome of that legal battle might influence this one, as well as the Canadian gaming space as a whole.
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Ontario Students Learn about Gambling Addiction while Video Gaming-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation wants to make sure that problem gambling concerns in the region of Ontario are kept at bay with its new initiative. Centennial College students had the chance to learn more about gambling addictions and the ways it affects their lives thanks to the interactive video game that they played. It showed them the actual impact of problem gambling, an addiction that could hit them hard at any time.

Players are drawn to the instant gratification factor of gambling, as it satisfies their need for thrill and action that has the potential to be a lucrative one. This demand for excitement is often what drags many of them deep into the abyss of problem gambling, affecting their life, relationships, and financial state.
Emotional Response Triggered

Many players consider themselves in control of the situation, claiming they could stop gambling at any time if they feel the need to. However, developing a healthy relationship with gaming is what could truly prevent the situation to spiral out of control. Students and younger people are easily impressionable and therefore prone to developing gambling addiction quicker and with more lasting impact.

Videoslots Fortifies Problem Gambling Tools with Wiraya

This is one of the main reasons why the Responsible Gambling Council introduced this interactive approach to compulsive gambling. Educating them about the devastating effects it could have and showcasing the ways in which gambling affects their brain on a core level is essential for the special program. Danielle Ayee, team leader of Check Your Reflex, made it clear that some 7.1 percent of the individuals between 18 and 24 experience problem gambling to some extent.

Games and Memes Galore at Problem Gambling Teen Traveling Show

This is especially true when it comes to online gambling, available across the Canadian provinces and the opportunities for winning big it provides. As a result of the ready availability of gambling through their phones or via their laptops, they could dive deep into the world of gambling addiction and risk their bright future.
Centennial College Sees Problem Gambling Program
The Centennial College campus at Morningside Avenue recently witnessed the installation of a large LED display allowing players to play an educational video game. It aimed to showcase the exact way gambling affects their emotions and the ways their brains respond to the stimuli provided. The joystick they used processed information such as their excitement at the moment of gambling.

Chances Casino Fort St. John Greenlights GameSense Problem Gambling Zone

Changes in their emotional state were detected in mere seconds. The bigger this excitement grows, the more players tend to spend while gambling, possibly taking risks. Some of the students that participated in the special test have never before participated in gambling and they learned first-hand that this might not be the most suitable pastime activity for them. Overspending is one of the major problems while a player is chasing a certain win.

It Is Too Soon to Estimate Cascades Casino Chatham Problem Gambling Impact

The educational program aims to show students how their life could change in a matter of seconds, as gambling addiction could be triggered by the emotional connection players develop. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the Ontario Ministry of Health collaborated with the non-profit organization for this interactive and modern approach to problem gambling.
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