Tips and Tricks: Is Grand Villa Casino Staff Guilty of Tax Evasion?-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Canada Revenue Agency wants to make the national gambling field safe for everyone and one of the ways it is able to do so is via the taxable income of the workers relying on gambling operation for their income. Cheng Xia part of the Grand Villa Casino Burnaby staff managed to nearly double his annual salary and as a result, now slot machine attendants are legally obliged to report their tips as taxable income.

Canada lawmakers have worked hard in order to come up with a set of rules regulating the workforce and especially the additional payments workers are able to receive during their work. The so-called controlled tips are considered taxable, as they are controlled by the employer and are part of the total remuneration. On the other hand, direct tips are something different.
Tips and Gratuities

Direct tips are the ones customers give to the employee directly by leaving them on the table when it is a waiter or giving them to the door person. This type of tips is not subject to Canada Pension Plan contributions or Employment Insurance Act premiums. It is up to the worker whether they would report the said income as taxable or not.

Grand Villa Casino Served Beer with Glass Shard, Lawsuit Claims

Now the Canada Revenue Agency won in court and would make it mandatory for the slot machines attendants of Canadian casino locations to pay taxes on the tips they are able to receive while working on the casino floor. What triggered the conversation was an individual of Burnaby associated with Grand Villa Casino. Cheng Xia has been part of the casino structure ever since 1999.

Fun Times on the Horizon: Grand Villa Casino Burnaby Pioneers Immersive Gaming

The beginning of his casino career was as a dealer, later on, upgraded to a slot attendant with even greater responsibilities. The time window in question cited in the lawsuit was 2011 and 2012. Mr. Xia failed to introduce the tips he received as taxable income because they more than doubled his annual wage.
Doubling of Income with Tips
The reported income amounted to CA$27,011 in 2011 and CA$29,327 in 2021, but in the meantime, direct tips coming from customers have also increased. The year 2011 managed to bring him tips reaching CA$23,937, whereas the following year was even more generous to Mr. Xia and netted him CA$39,219. The tax agency found out about the additional cash payments he had received and claimed that he pays tax on them.

Come 2020 Grand Villa Casino Could Feature 1,400 Slot Machines and More

In response, the slot machine attendant stated in court that this amount of money is non-taxable, as they were often small portions of a jackpot a player had won. Such acts of generosity often happen in the gambling world, as winners like to thank the casino staff for changing their life. Tax Court Judge Diane Campbell made it clear that the aforementioned tips should not be considered gifts.

Grand Villa Casino Pours CA$50K Into Burnaby Mental Health Battle

Direct tips are taxable under the existing law, even though the same amount was a non-taxable while it was in the hands of the jackpot winner. He was supposed to pay CA$8,411 as a negligence penalty. However, last week saw him make his way to the hearing at the Federal Court of Appeal in Vancouver. More information on the subject is expected to be issued soon.
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Chances Kelowna Wants to Keep Up with the Times via Expansion-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Chances Kelowna is in for a treat, as the management wants to see gaming expansion taking place on its premises. The gaming location would like to welcome live gaming tables for a diversified portfolio and even more patrons making their way there. In addition to that, the gaming venue eyes expansion through the addition of more gaming space and rearrangement of the existing devices.

Located on Springfield Road in Kelowna, Chances Kelowna is the gaming venue many people find their most convenient one. They had been frequenting it over the past nearly 17 years, ever since its official launch in 2002. The location offers extensive space for bingo activities that is popular among individuals of the community. It also brings slot machine gaming closer to the people, enjoying premium digital gaming.
Diverse Gaming at Chances Kelowna

Chances Kelowna is ready to see an expansion and meet the expectations of local gaming aficionados. Stan Walt, Owner of the gaming hall, elaborated on the expansion plan he has in mind via a letter to the City fo Kelowna. Card games might be the missing piece of its picture-perfect puzzle, which could be added through live table games.

CA$1-Million Lottery Jackpot Prompts Celebration at Kelowna Convenience Store, 100 Free Tickets Giveaway

The entirely new experience would aim to introduce digital table gaming to Chances Kelowna, bringing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and more closer to the people ready to win big. Mr, Walt states that this might be the winning move for the gambling hall, as it would attract a wider and more diverse crowd on the premises of the venue. British Columbia Lottery Corporation oversees operation of the gambling center wanting to remain competitive in an ever-changing gaming field.

Gateway’s Casino in Kelowna Nears Completion of Renovation Works

Local officials would have to have a say in this situation, as the addition of live table games would be a major change to the way gaming takes place on its premises. Locals might be asked for their input in this situation, as expansion directly affects them. Problem gambling is a concerning issue that should be taken into account.
City Council to Review Application
Bingo has always been the primary strong feature of the gaming location, as seniors are often drawn towards the offering, They find it a good way to spend some time with their friends and try their luck in the meantime. Throughout the years, bingo’s popularity has witnessed a slump across the provinces, with Quebec recently evaluating the efforts put into its Bingo+ revival program.

CA$14m Playtime Casino Mission Promises Jobs, Family-Friendly Offerings

Mr. Walt made it clear that Playtime Casino Kelowna is a rival for patrons able to offer more advanced gaming offerings, as it is overseen by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. It has slot gaming, live table games, and much more in a well-rounded gaming model applied across the Canadian provinces. In the meantime, Chances Kamloops want to continue being a competitive location.

Jackpot City Bingo Remains Relevant with CA$5M Charity Allocations

Upcoming weeks are projected to see the mandatory development permit application for the expansion of the gaming hall overseen by Mr. Walt. He hopes that local officials take it into account and make possible gaming expansion guaranteeing fair competition in the narrow market of Kelowna and the region.
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OLG Makes Casino Gaming Revenue Rain over Host Communities-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Operation has proven its generosity once again with its regular gaming revenue payments to the host communities. Towns and cities featuring a casino location or a gaming venue recently bagged their payments covering the third quarter of the fiscal year. The Town of Milton was among the locations bagging a hefty cheque for gaming operation, reaching CA$1,710,033.

Elements Casino Mohawk is the location of choice for many locals. A casino location has many ways in which it could support its host community and improve the wellbeing of its residents. This happens via the gaming revenue allocations it sends to the city council thanks to the Municipal Contribution Agreement inked ahead of its official launch. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation makes sure to distribute the sums.
Milton Receives Support

The third quarter of this fiscal year marked the period between October 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. The fall months usually witness a slight drop in the gaming revenue especially in comparison to the busy summer months when everyone was looking for a shade location to spend some time at. Elements Casino Mohawk is one of the leading supporters of the city coffers.

B.C. First Nations Await CA$3b in Gaming Revenue Allocations by 2045

This week was a special one for the Town of Milton, as it received the Q3 payment amounting to CA$1,710,033. It marks a slump when compared to the Q1 2019-2020 payment amounting to CA$2.6 million. Ever since its launch of operation back in 1999, the casino venue has been able to amass some CA$121 million in gaming revenue allocations.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. Brings Windfall to Casino Host Communities

Such support goes to local projects and beautification work around Milton. Peterborough was another location to benefit from its casino operation at the end of this third quarter. The Crown corporation sent some CA$780,031 in non-tax gaming revenue to its city coffers that would go towards the improvement of the community, as well as for the support of the problem gambling programs in progress.
Peterborough Sees Cash
Shorelines Casino Peterborough is the location that generated this support, but this is one of the newest casino complexes of Ontario. It launched operation in October 2018 and ever since then, it has managed to amass some CA$3.9 million in allocations. Belleville is another location to benefit from casino operation within its borders. Shorelines Casino is the casino venue preferred by the locals.

Shorelines Casino Peterborough Offers Hefty First Gaming Revenue Allocation

The third quarter of this fiscal year managed to witness a total of CA$835,503 adding up to the existing allocations bagged by the city coffers. The casino venue launched operation about three years ago and ever since then it has amassed some CA$9 million for the local programs battling problem gambling, as well as the programs seeking infrastructural improvement. Sudbury was another location to receive casino cash support.

Keeping Up with the Times: Online Gambling Expansion in Ontario

This last quarter of the fiscal year resulted in revenue payment amounting to CA$482,474 thanks to the everyday operation of Gateway Casinos Sudbury at Sudbury Downs. The slots location is in operation ahead of the potential relocation to Kingsway Entertainment District once the project has been finished. Ever since November 1999, Greater Sudbury has bagged some CA$44 million in allocations.
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Is Quebec’s Government Preparing New iGaming Monopoly Push?-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Federal Court in Canada recently ruled that internet service providers would have to block websites associated with Gold TV, as the service does not have the right to sell subscription to a wide variety of channels. This is a precedent affecting domain-blocking in Canada, which could affect a wider scope of businesses, such as the local gaming scene. Loto-Quebec wanted to benefit from a similar domain block back in July 2018 but was unable to do so.

Justice Patrick Gleeson recently issued his official position on the controversial situation including Canadian internet service providers Bell Media, Groupe TVA, and Rogers Media. The local providers filed a joint complaint against Gold TV, claiming that the streaming service offers Canadians various channels without actually having the license to do so.
Domains Block Stirs the Pot

According to the ruling issued recently and for the first time ever in Canada, the providers now have 15 days in order to block the domains, subdomains, as well as IP addresses associated with the pirate online streaming service. The ban is about to affect a wide network of linked websites but it should also be taken into account that the cost of this procedure could swell.

Quebec Players Pour More Cash into Casino Gaming, Loto-Quebec Reveals

The large internet service providers wanted to see fair conditions for development in a competitive field, but there was a single company siding with GoldTV. TekSavvy claimed earlier that additional work in blocking domains could grow progressively down the road with thousands of domains to be banned by the providers. The company further claimed that federal legislators have not worked on domain-banning language in the past.

Loto-Quebec Teams Up with Internap Corp. for Brighter Online Gaming Future

The Copyright Act of Canada the Conservative Party introduced the Copyright Modernization Act, which was approved in June 2012. However, officials never included language for domain-blocking. Teksavvy reminded about a similar situation directly affecting Loto-Quebec back in July 2018. The provincial Crown corporation has always worked towards a safer gaming field and maintaining a fair online gaming field.
Espacejeux Offers Online Gaming
Last year saw the province of Quebec seek domain-banning in order to facilitate’s operation. Foreign website welcoming gamblers were interfering with the set revenue goals of Loto-Quebec’s online division, which called for the devising of Bill 74. It aimed to see the prohibition of foreign online gaming domains allowing only to offer online gaming.

Loto-Quebec Sees 23.2Pct Jump in Online Gaming Revenue YOY, Reaching CA$105.4M

Quebec’s Superior Court ruled the provisions included in the bill are unconstitutional and would not be taken into account. In a way, this was yet another attempt of the Crown corporation to maintain its monopoly over the provincial gaming field. The government made it clear that this is all in support of the players’ healthy relationship with online gaming.

Loto-Quebec Surge in Lottery and Online Gaming Popularity Makes Revenue Goals Feasible

The Supreme Court disclosed that Bill 74 sought censorship for improved financial benefits, instead of purely protecting players. Back then, concerns about online freedom were expressed, but the latest precedent in Canada’s history could have a lasting effect. Loto-Quebec and other Crown corporations might make a move and seek banning of foreign online gaming providers, citing problem gambling and public health as their arguments.
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Cascades Casino North Bay Triggers CA$1.6m Road Optimization Conversation-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

North Bay Is projected to see major development in 2020, as Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is currently building its next independent casino complex. Cascades Casino North Bay would see the light of day mid-2020, according to projections, but the city has already commenced discussion on the ways traffic to and fro the gaming venue could be optimized. The intersection of Pinewood Park Drive, Lakeshore Drive, and Lamorie Street would have to get some work done.

A brand new casino venue featuring a wide array of offerings, as well as a family-friendly factor to it is projected to attract quite the crowd down the road. The constant traffic expected to make the area busier than ever would have to be alleviated in one way or another. Cars traveling to the casino venue or the premium restaurant located next to it could eventually make life hard for everyone.
Roundabout Could Make Life Easier

This is the main reason why North Bay’s City Council is willing to find a way to avoid this at all costs. The aforementioned roads leading to the casino complex meet at the Nipissing Junction, a spot that already experiences increased traffic as it is. Construction site of the future Gateway Casino is located slightly off the junction of the roads eventually making it possible for drivers to get on Highway 11.

Cascades Casino North Bay Comes with Traffic-Optimizing Roundabout, Wider Road

They also have the option of using the highway overpass to reach Dupont Road. It should also be taken into account that the area of future Cascades Casino North Bay also features a Tim Hortons location, a Beef n’ Brand one, and Ramada by Wyndham Pinewood Park Resort, further increasing traffic levels in the south end of the city.

Cascades Casino North Bay Construction Still Worries Local Environmentalists

Projections are that a Burger King location would also launch operation in the foreseeable future. The first step of this preparation process includes an Environmental Assessment and Traffic Impact Study focusing on this very area of North Bay. The results of this evaluation would be issued later this year.
Project Could Cost Some CA$1.6m
However, the intersection has been estimated to be nearing its capacity, calling for a change in the way vehicles navigate the south area of North Bay. One of the possible solutions would be a roundabout optimizing traffic flow. Moreover, a reimagined signalized intersection could also be a solution worth taking into account.

Turtles Protection Protest Heats Casino Groundbreaking Day in North Bay

Gateway Casinos announced it is ready to fund a portion of the project ensuring that potential casino patrons would make their way there. Mayor McDonald stated that the roundabout and the additional lane would have to become a reality in the area. Initial projections are that the project would cost some CA$1.6 million. Estimations show that the traffic increase could reach up to 195 new trips to and fro the casino complex in the hours with high activity in the area.

Cascades Casino North Bay Sees Groundbreaking Ceremony Tomorrow

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new casino complex was held at the end of May. Meanwhile, the casino operator evaluates its Wasaga Beach project that would soon see its building permit issued. For the time being, the casino operator has not revealed a groundbreaking date for Cascades Casino Wasaga Beach, as the locations about to launch next year have been prioritized.
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OLG’s Spending Habits Under Close Inspection, Premier Ford Says-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is currently under close monitoring, as Premier Doug Ford and his government want to look into its spending habits. This week saw the announcement that the Premier is going to send a team of auditors ready to extensively examine its expenses and come up with an audit on the subject. Premier Ford said he would not put up with corporations taking advantage of taxpayers’ cash.

The Crown corporation oversees gaming activities across Ontario ranging across brick-and-mortar casino venues, online gaming on its platform, as well as the wide variety of draw-based and instant lottery offerings. This gives it a wide scope of operation, as well as an influence on the local gaming field in its entirety. Premier Doug Ford wants to address some concerns.
Auditors Launch Inspection Soon

June 2019 saw the official launch of investigation around the spending habits of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, seeking more details about it. Premier Ford said that once the process launches, it is going to be completely transparent so that all taxpayers and everyone interested would have the chance to learn more about expenses, as well as witness first-hand any extravagant spending taking place.

Prince of Wales Race Confirms Nobody Would Bag the OLG CA$500K Bonus

The Crown corporation seeks to improve its offerings and boost host communities on a regular basis thanks to gaming revenue allocations powered by casino venues. It also maintains transparency when it comes to the travel and hospitality expenses of individuals within its structure, as the Public Sector Expenses Review Act of 2009 mandates.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. Brings Windfall to Casino Host Communities

It should be taken into account that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer Stephen Rugby recently worked on the redesigning of his office space including the creation of an entirely new boardroom for him. The recent changes come in a time when his salary has increased to CA$765,406. This amount is nearly 70 percent more than what he bagged about five years ago.
June 2019 Saw Launch of Supervision
The Crown corporation gives back to the communities and strives to make it possible for them to develop and fund their local projects. Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino managed to amass allocations reaching CA$7.1 million over the first quarter of this fiscal year. Up until this point, the local community has bagged over CA$148 million thanks to casino operation on a day-to-day basis.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Privatization Acts Against Public Interest

Over the past fiscal year of gaming operation, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation succeeded in allocating upwards of CA$2.47 billion, but it should be taken into account that total revenue reached CA$480 million. The return of slot gaming to Ontario’s racetracks is projected to guarantee CA$105 million in annual allocations over the span of the following 19 years. Now the Corporation would have to be thoroughly reviewed by the audit team.

Gateway Casinos Shed More Light on Last Spring 20-Year Arrangement with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

Niagara Falls is bracing for the launch of a long-anticipated entertainment facility that has the potential to reshape the city’s image and draw an even larger crowd to it. It is going to be directly linked to existing premium Fallsview Casino. The 5,000-seat entertainment center is projected to bring an interest surge to the area but its construction stalls. The overall amount of cash poured into the construction of this venue up until this point reaches CA$130 million provided by Niagara Falls Entertainment Partners.
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October Brings Annual London Selected Yearling Sale to Western Fair District-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Following weeks of preparation, mid-October the annual London Selected Yearling Sale is about to take place, bringing tons of excitement. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation would once again team up with Ontario Racing in order to bring people several intriguing opportunities within the schedule of the yearling sale.
It is about to transform October 19 and 20 at the Western Fair District in London. Horse people are always willing to gather at booming events and network with likeminded people, an opportunity generously presented by the annual London Selected Yearling Sale.
The Metroland Agriplex at the heated racetrack in London would once again welcome Standardbred horse racing enthusiasts from across the province and set the tone for the upcoming live racing events. London is known for its well-developed horse racing, making the two-day event even more anticipated.
Standardbred Horse Sale
The Crown corporation and Ontario Racing are two of the leading sponsors of this congregation that would present several workshops and locations within the yearling sale. The Welcome Center, Equine Expo, as well as the Horse Ownership Workshop, would all be powered by the two leading forces of the horse racing field.

Gateway Casinos Gives a Sneak Peek of Diverse Gaming at Western Fair

All of those aim to make horse people’s time much more pleasant and informative. The Equine Expo is created in a way that would make current and future horse owners’ life much easier through information and various products in store.

London Community Had No Say on Casino as Councilors Fear Delays

They also have the opportunity to learn more about the services related to the Standardbred horse world. People interested in purchasing a horse would also have the chance to learn more about their future life as a horse owner at the Horse Ownership 101 Workshop.

London Councilors Vote on CA$75M Starlight Casino Project Tuesday

Over the past couple of years, both the Welcome Center and the Equine Expo have been widely accepted by people interested in the field. Active participation in the Standardbred field starts with a strong foundation of knowledge and useful tips from current horse owners and experts. The special workshops have this and much more up for grabs.
Future Horse Owners Learn More
The Horse Ownership 101 is scheduled to take place on October 18, the Friday greenlighting the Standardbred gathering. It comes with the opportunity of getting to know trainers and consignors, as well as the yearlings on sale this year.

GatewayGIVES Supports London Community after Massive Explosion

Over the past few months, both studs and breeding yards have been preparing for the annual event. This preparation is essential, as it guarantees a less stressful experience during the several days of the sale. The summer months are dedicated to preparation, as the horses are introduced to lunging, hand walking, while their coats and manes are being conditioned.

London City Hall Split on Casino, Neighboring Communities Ready to Enter Race

The horses need to be in top shape for the annual sale, a condition that would guarantee them being sold to a new owner. Everyone interested in experiencing more can also make their way to The Raceway at Western Fair District for a premium dinner. Horse sale is scheduled to commence at 12 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
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Great Canadian Gaming Touts Pickering Casino Resort Welcoming 2,000 Employees-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Gaming development is essential for Great Canadian Gaming, as it became clear by its latest announcement of Pickering Casino Resort. Located in the eastern Greater Toronto Area, this casino complex is part of the intense expansion across the province that would see the local gaming field transformed.
The new casino resort is about to bring both premium gaming and family-friendly offerings, as well as a constellation of live performances. Great Canadian Gaming is among the largest casino operators in Canada and it is on a constant pursuit of excellence and gaming expansion across the provinces.
In order to go above and beyond and exceed expectations of Ontario players, a new project has been in the works for quite some time. Now it was time for the official announcement of the gaming and hospitality resort that is about to transform Pickering. The area is on the verge of a whole new era.
Casino Resort Launches in 2020
Pickering Casino Resort is already under construction, as the first phase of this project commenced last spring. Back then the project was referred to as Durham Live and projections issued by the casino operator pointed towards a launch of operation by the end of 2019. Construction on site has taken longer and some adjustments had to be made to it since then, eventually pinpointing the opening date to the beginning of 2020.

Great Canadian Gaming Brings Never-ending Innovation to Ontario Gambling Field

Another major positive change to this project would be the scrapping of Casino Ajax relocation to the new casino resort. Earlier this year it was confirmed that the two casino locations would continue operating past 2020 without fear of cannibalization. Pickering Casino Resort’s first phase would introduce premium offerings such as the casino floor welcoming everyone interested to see what Great Canadian Gaming has up for grabs.

Great Canadian Gaming Appoints Directors ahead of Gaming Expansion

The beginning of next year is also going to see the completion of the dining offerings available on-site, balancing the gaming element with family-friendly offerings available on site. The second phase construction is projected to commence after that, eventually guaranteeing the well-rounded complex.
Ontario Expansion Continues
This includes the special venue that would welcome live performances by some of the worldwide known musicians, bands, and more, making the casino resorts a hotspot in Pickering. In addition to that, the hotel tower is also going to be finished as part of this second phase, preparing to accommodate all traveling enthusiasts.

Great Canadian Gaming Q1 2019 Sees 35-Pct Revenue Surge, High Roller Drop

Tyrone Waite, General Manager, Pickering Casino Resort, was excited to shed light onto an essential milestone such as the casino resort’s name. Over the following months ahead of the official casino venue and dining offerings launch, job fairs are scheduled to take place. They would aim to attract as many locals as possible, as the new casino resort would have more than 2,000 spots to fill. Pickering Casino Resort would become a major engine for the local economy and employment market.

Great Canadian Gaming Bags US$56M from American Casinos Sale

Once hired, individuals are going to go through the extensive training program that would ensure they have all the skills needed for future operation. This spring saw Great Canadian Gaming bag US$56 million from the sale of Great American Gaming Corporation, managing Great American Casino Everett, Great American Casino Lakewood, and Great American Casino Tukwila. Ontario remains the casino operator’s main focus over the following months.
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Is Ontario the Next Money Laundering Safe Haven?-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Money laundering has been a topic of wide discussion across the Canadian provinces but work on the subject has to happen in a simultaneous manner. While British Columbia works on its draconian measures battling the illegal practice, Ontario might have attracted the criminals laundering dirty cash. Suspicious cash transactions in Ontario casinos increased by 50 percent in 2018.

Casino locations are among the most attractive venues for criminals willing to launder the cash proceeds of their illegal operation. Over the years, British Columbia has been considered the province offering the best conditions for laundering cash, due to its lax regulation and the blind eye it turns to suspicious transactions taking place along with the gambling operation. Ontario might have become a safe haven for criminals willing to launder cash.
Money Laundering in Ontario

The year 2018 witnessed a concerning amount of suspicious transactions coinciding with gambling at Ontario’s casino venues. British Columbia launched its crackdown on money laundering in 2018 and the criminals might have looked for other locations where their criminal practice could continue with the same frequency. Calvin Chrustie, a former Senior RCMP Officer, stated that criminals identify the weak spots in the system.

February 24 Greenlights Cullen Commission Money Laundering Public Inquiry

Ontario’s casino field might have become the next great opportunity for money laundering, as the number of suspicious transactions over CA$10,000 has increased over the span of 2018. There were 2,266 transactions reported to the Ontario Provincial Police, as Global News reported. It should be taken into account, that back in 2017, the number of suspicious transactions was only 945. Such an increase is enough to sound the alarm in Ontario.

British Columbia Money-Laundering Inquiry Reveals More this Spring

Another thing to be considered is the trend continuing in 2019 as well. By July 2019, the number of suspicious and potentially criminal transactions within Ontario reached 1,327. Ontario’s Government should work on solidifying its regulations making money laundering impossible, as it could potentially follow the infamous path of British Columbia. The reduction of money laundering in British Columbia might spell disaster for Ontario.
Illegal Practices
In the early spring of 2018, British Columbia Attorney General David Eby issued a statement that the first months of 2018 witnessed a significant slump in suspicious transactions within the province. They reached CA$200,000 in February 2018. He also pointed out that this figure managed to make it to the CA$20 million mark back in July 2015. But could money laundering be making its way to Ontario’s gambling venues?

Beware of Bank Accounts Used for Money Laundering, Fintrac Warns

The money-laundering crackdown in British Columbia is following the recommendations made by the Dirty Money report issued by former Senior Mountie Commissioner Peter German. As many as 48 ways in which money laundering could be battled were listed in his report, eyeing the elimination of this criminal practice. The Lower Mainland casino venues were also in the center of attention, with more details unearthed.

Ex-Casino Staff Feels Embarrassed Money Laundering Went on for Years in B.C.

In the meantime, February 24 is about to see the official launch of public hearings led by the Cullen Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering. The Federal Court of Canada in Vancouver would see four days of conversation by some of the leaders in the regional and national gaming field. Both individuals and corporations have been granted standing in the public hearing process, allowing them to share their experience, thoughts, as well as call witnesses for further conversation.
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Hells Angels Members Illegal Sportsbooks Bagged CA$131m, OPP Allege-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Ontario Provincial Police unveiled its extensive investigation into a supposed illegal gambling ring in the Mississauga region. Five gambling webpages operating without a license were also located and associated with Hells Angels members. When all is said and done, the gambling ring managed to amass some CA$131 million over the past five years. Over the course of the first half of this year, the organized ring generated some CA$13 million.

Illegal gambling operation is harmful to both the economy and people participating in it. Its operation does not contribute back to the host community and problem gambling programs are unable to receive a fair share of its gaming revenue. In the meantime, the individuals involved in it are deprived of player protection in a situation of conflict or unfair treatment.
Illegal Gambling Ring in Ontario

Ontario Provincial Police worked on the investigation for quite a while now, researching everything they needed for the eventual bust. This includes months of monitoring and probing into the illegal operation of the gambling ring. As a result, the police discovered the main gaming den in Mississauga, as well as five online sportsbooks overseen by members of the Hells Angels.

First Nation Ex-Chief No Longer Faces Illegal Gambling Charges

They are known among local online gambling enthusiasts with their handles Ultimate SB, Titan SB, PlaytoWin SB, Privada SB, and Players SB. Ever since the beginning of 2018, an investigation has been in progress, eventually leading to the recent arrests of 28 residents of Ontario. The police reported that this has been one of the most prominent investigations of organized crime in the country as a whole.

Someone Exposed Vancouver’s Foreign Workers Alleged Illegal Practices Last Fall

Operation Hobart revealed links between three Hells Angels members and illegal gambling operation both at brick-and-mortar locations and online for easier access. Law enforcement organizations of London, Woodstock, and Stratford joined forces for the investigation. The Canada Revenue Agency was also involved in the extensive probe, eventually issuing 228 charges in total.
Raids Lead to 28 Arrested
Along with the arrested individuals present on the premises of seven residences, the raid managed to collect various objects and purchases. The seize includes upwards of CA$1.7 million in cash, some CA$320,000 in gold and silver, CA$303,000 in watches and jewelry, as many as 21 firearms, ranging from handguns and rifles to shotguns. The police also restrained nine residences with value upwards of CA$8.1 million.

Facebook-Based Illegal Lotteries Continue Scamming People in Ontario

Robert Barletta, ex-president of London’s Hells Angels is among the individuals facing charges of organized crime and possession of weapons. Bookmaking offenses are also linked to his name, as the organized gambling operation has been one of the great sources of cash. He has been associated with previous investigation and charges related to illegal gambling, along with another individual arrested – Gordan Baird.

B.C. Gambling Den Police Raid Possibly Discovers Link to Previous Illegal Operation, Probe Continues

Platinum SB has been a topic of discussion in the past, as it amassed some CA$103 million between 2009 and 2013. Allegations link Hells Angels Craig McIlquham, Eugenio (Gino) Reda, as well as possibly Raffaele Simonelli, have overseen the operation of the five sportsbooks. A link has been found between this organized ring and the Figliomeni Crime Family. It could be recalled that allegations made earlier this year hinted at CA$70 million laundered through illegal gambling operation in Ontario.
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