River Rock Casino VIP Gaming Manager in Legal Battle for His Reputation-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s former Executive Vice-President of Player and Gaming Development worries that he might have been purposefully stopped from participating in the money laundering inquiry happening this February. Walter Soo filed a lawsuit claiming that upon being fired by the Canadian leading casino operator, he was asked to pen an arrangement preventing him from participating in proceedings.

British Columbia is preparing for the official launch of the public inquiry into money laundering, as it would shed more light on the illegal practices taking place within the borders of the province. Insiders are set to reveal more about the casino industry, but Mr. Soo might be legally obstructed from participating in the money laundering public inquiry. August 29, 2019 saw him being fired.
Mr. Soo Wants in on Public Inquiry

This is when it all started for him, as he was asked to ink a special agreement that essentially prevents him from applying for a spot at the public inquiry. He would not be able to share his experience and insider’s knowledge of money laundering practices across British Columbia. Mr. Soo used to be a Manager of VIP gaming at River Rock Casino and Resort in Richmond, one of the supposed hotspots.

Great Canadian Gaming History Makers Exit Structure ahead of Anticipated Inquiry

Money laundering reports in the past have shown that this casino location was preferred by Asian high rollers and local loan sharks for their illegal schemes. The information Mr. Soo could potentially unveil during the money laundering public inquiry if he was granted a standing might have stirred the pot. He claims that he is the fall person in this situation, a position that led him to file a lawsuit in the British Columbia Supreme Court.

February 24 Greenlights Cullen Commission Money Laundering Public Inquiry

Upon being fired, he received some CA$443,000, or two years’ wage, as well as the possibility to obtain stock in Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. However, it should be taken into account that Mr. Soo refused to ink the agreement preventing him from participating in future proceedings and the public inquiry.
Lawsuit Filed in the BC Supreme Court
Mr. Soo was the individual that paved the way for VIP expansion at River Rock Casino. Back in 1983, he entered the staff as a dealer, gradually climbing the ladder and introducing a special zone for high rollers. Throughout the years, the British Columbia Gaming Enforcement Branch has launched several audits and investigations related to this very VIP zone.

Ex-Casino Staff Feels Embarrassed Money Laundering Went on for Years in B.C.

Mr. Soo claims that President and CEO Rod Baker and President of Strategic Growth and Chief Compliance Officer Terrance Doyle seek protection with the aforementioned agreement. Mr. Soo is still determined to become part of this inquiry, as he wants to shed more light on his own responsibilities regarding money-laundering prevention and make it clear that what ensued was not his fault.

Ex IIGET Chief Controversial Money Laundering Stance Stirs the Pot Once Again

Mr. Baker and Mr. Doyle were the individuals to take care of this task. Playing a central part in Great Canadian Gaming’s expansion in British Columbia led to the increased shareholders’ value nearly ten times by 2014. His last months within the structure of the casino operator saw Mr. Soo work on the table games revenue at Casino Woodbine and other venues in the Greater Toronto area.
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New Chief Executive Officer, President is Breath of Fresh Air for ALC-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Atlantic Lottery Corporation recently revealed its new Chief Executive Officer and President that would oversee the Crown corporation’s development in the upcoming years. Chris Keevill is about to be the breath of fresh air Atlantic Lottery Corporation needs right now possibly increasing the popularity of its offerings immensely. He is going to become part of the lottery corporation at the beginning of May.

Innovation is what drives forward a given gambling company and bringing new ideas is the way to go in an ever-changing gaming world. Atlantic Lottery Corporation wants to live up to the expectations of its players and the communities relying on it for premium gambling offerings, which is why it has opted for a new Chief Executive Officer that could introduce this change.
Chris Keevill New CEO

It could be recalled that back in the fall of 2019, it was announced that Brent Scrimshaw is planning his retirement as Chief Executive Officer of the Crown corporation. He has occupied the position ever since November 2011 and 13 years of work in this leading position would have to come to an end this spring.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Lures Players into VLT Gambling with Coupons amid Class Action Lawsuit

It should be taken into account that Mr. Scrimshaw has been an integral part of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation ever since August 2006. Now it is time for something new, as Mr. Keevill confirmed he is about to take over the leading role. He has more than two decades of experience in the marketing, digital transformation, and media spheres, which have generated quite the experience.

Newfoundland and Labrador Lottery Enthusiasts Pour CA$265M Into Lottery Games

The ability to face issues and cope with them in a professional manner is what has made him a good match for the Chief Executive Officer’s position. May 1 is about to be the first day of his work with the Crown corporation. He recently pointed out that getting this position is an honor to him, as the Atlantic Lottery Corporation should continue its agenda of attracting more players to its products, bringing new gaming offerings on a regular basis, and more.
New Ideas Introduced
It should also be taken into account that the Crown corporation is constantly supporting the host communities of gambling venues, as well as various charitable organizations. The year 2019 witnessed some CA$18.3 million allocated to the Prince Edward Island region, all powered by gambling operation in its various forms.

Some of the Most Incredible Lottery Windfall Stories in 2018 Featured Canadians

For the fourth consecutive year, the lottery corporation witnessed surging profit, this year amounting to CA$422.2 million. When it comes to the Canadian provinces it oversees, Atlantic Lottery Corporation allocated some CA$136.6 million to Nova Scotia, CA$135.4 million to Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as CA$130 million to New Brunswick.

Lotto MAX CA$60M Jackpot Claimed at the Eleventh Hour, Enhanced Online Gaming by ALC

Mr. Keevill recognizes the efforts in this direction and solidifies his position that this support would continue in the upcoming years with a possible increase. At the moment, Mr. Keevill is a Chief Executive Officer of Colour, a creative digital agency with operation in Halifax, Toronto, and New York. It should be noted that he has first been introduced to the team in 2002.
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Georgia Players Get their Hands On Instant Win Gaming Offerings-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Georgia Lottery Corporation announced it has inked an agreement with Instant Win Gaming for an enhanced lottery experience thanks to their collective work. The premium gaming offerings powered by IWG are already live with the lottery corporation welcoming players to a whole new world of gaming offerings. The integration was completed with the help of the premium IGT platform.

Lottery corporations across North America are looking for ways in which they could enhance the player experience and make it even better down the road. One of the ways in which this could happen is via collaborations with leading gaming providers and lottery engines that have proven their efficiency through various partnerships. Instant Win Gaming is known for its collaboration with several of the Canadian Crown corporations, as well as US-based ones.
Innovation Brought Closer

Instant Win Gaming is known for its close collaboration with Atlantic Lottery Corporation, British Columbia Lottery Corporation, and Loto-Québec in Canada. Three of the five provincial lottery corporations prefer the supplier for their ongoing operation and gaming offerings. When it comes to the US lottery enthusiast, Michigan and Pennsylvania based ones have the chance to enjoy IWG offerings. Michigan Lottery and Pennsylvania Lottery work with the provider.

Quebec Online Player Bags CA$1,004,723, Lotto Jackpots Remain Untouched

Now it is time for Georgia Lottery Corporation to join existing North America partners and balance IWG’s presence between Canada and the US. Georgia players could now see what the hype is all about and experience first-hand the riveting online games offered by the leading supplier. One of the fresh offerings there are is the Super Cash Buster.

Lawmaker Lays Groundwork for Rhode Island to Offer Online Lottery Tickets

Players could enjoy it in portrait mode within the borders of Georgia. Online gaming on a local level has gained popularity over the recent years and players are looking for something new on a regular basis. This new collaboration between Georgia Lottery Corporation and Instant Win Gaming would guarantee new games introduced as they are released. Many individuals are projected to find their new online game within the wide range.
Canada and the US Benefit
Rhydian Fisher, Chief Executive Officer of IWG, pointed out that one of the main goals for 2019 was solidifying the company’s position in the international lottery market. The supplier works with players based in the UK, Gibraltar, as well as Canada, and its exploration of US-based lottery markets equals a next phase to its expansion. Over 15 years of operation have made it a recognizable name in the gaming world.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Lures Players into VLT Gambling with Coupons amid Class Action Lawsuit

Now it is time for North America expansion and the introduction of more than 300 gaming titles to an entirely new audience. The smooth implementation was guaranteed by IGT platform facilitating the process. Recently, the company announced its collaboration with Gaming Realms. As a result of it, Instant Win Gaming introduced its gaming offerings to iLotteries associated with the North America State and Provincial Lotteries and World Lottery Association.

Come January Alan Kerr to Become Chief Financial Officer of BCLC

Games to the likes of Slingo XXXtreme and Deal or No Deal Slingo were introduced to the players with the help of the Progressive Play Remote Game Server. This year also saw the agreement between Atlantic Lottery Corporation and Instant Win Gaming. Atlantic Canadian provinces were quick to experience the myriad offerings introduced.
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Niagara Falls, Ont. Welcomes Dynasty Electronic Table Game Live Streaming-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

IGT introduced premium gaming offerings to Niagara Falls, Ontario players ready to experience something new. Niagara Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara both welcomed the premium Dynasty Electronic Table Game terminals this week elevating the player experience with their offerings. Live dealers are about to diversify gaming opportunities available at the premium casino locations, making them even more appealing.

Niagara Falls, Ontario is known as a honeymoon destination for many Canadians, Americans, as well as people hailing from all corners of the world. It is also known for its welcoming gaming offerings part of two premium casino resorts. More and more locals feel drawn to the opportunities of winning big, which has prompted demand for new gaming terminals installed at the two leading casino venues.
ETG Transform Casinos

IGT has been on a quest to explore the Canadian gaming field for quite a while, teaming up with local leaders to the likes of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and British Columbia Lottery Corporation. Now it is time for the Niagara Falls brick-and-mortar locations to get a taste of electronic table game terminals of a whole new generation.

Mohegan Gaming Puts Matters into Perspective in Niagara Falls Casino Field

Casino patrons would be able to enjoy live baccarat, as well as blackjack thanks to the new electronic table games terminals featuring live dealers. Both casinos would offer the new games, as Fallsview Casino would stream the content to Casino Niagara. For the first time ever, IGT is about to oversee live streaming of the premium Dynasty electronic table games on two locations. Fallsview Casino dealers are known for their professionalism and extensive training.

History in the Making: US Tribal Operator Makes a Groundbreaking Move in Niagara Falls

Now patrons at both locations will experience gaming with them via the live stream. David Flinn, IGT Regional Vice President, Canada, stated that this optimization would bring innovation to both casino venues while maintaining operational cost at a reasonable amount. The innovation would also prove IGT’s determination to be a breath of fresh air to the local gaming field through a long-term commitment.
IGT Expands Footprint across Canada
It could be recalled that about a year ago, IGT announced an entirely new aspect of its collaboration with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation introducing e-bingo offerings to local players. As many as 12 charitable gaming venues across the province introduced the e-bingo titles diversifying their offerings. It is no secret that Ontario players are known for their passion for bingo, making the modernization necessary.

Niagara Falls Casinos Prepare for Thousands of Dollars Invested over the Next Years

IGT is also known for its collaboration with British Columbia Lottery Corporation which introduced the Powerbucks Omni-Channel Jackpot back in 2016. The progressive prize pool jackpot made its first step into the local field, connecting as many as 33 brick-and-mortar casino venues overseen by the Crown corporation. In addition to those, British Columbia players also have the chance to experience the offering online.

Luxurious 5,000-Seat Entertainment Center Pledges Niagara Falls Will Become Event Hotspot

As a result of the wide array of gaming possibilities, about 11,000 people in Niagara Falls suffer from a certain level of gambling addiction. According to Greg Eaton, team leader at the Responsible Gambling Council, many of these people are not aware of the fact or find that they have a problem with their gambling habits too late.
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Lottery Winner Proves Lightning Strikes Twice and Thrice with Her Banco Jackpot-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Lottery jackpots continue their quest to change the lives of as many Canadians as possible, a task that has given results as per usual. Loto-Quebec reported a Monteregienne player that has bagged her third ever lottery jackpot, this time thanks to a Banco ticket purchase.
Jeannine L’Esperance Drolet recently bagged her grand prize of CA$25,000 and she is ready for the next chapter of her life. Many people have extraordinary luck in their life and especially when it comes to games of chance that might seem risky.
Regular lottery draws have the potential to alter the direction of one’s life, but it is rare that lightning strikes twice. In Mrs. Drolet’s case, the lightning managed to strike three times, as this latest prize is her third lottery cash prize. The lottery corporation did not reveal more details around her previous two jackpots.
Lottery Jackpots Galore
The lottery enthusiast from Monteregienne made the life-changing ticket purchase at the Roussillon bowling alley in Saint-Constant. According to the regulations, the retail location of a winning ticket received a percent of the cash prize, which further motivates the location to welcome more customers on a day-to-day basis.

Lotto MAX Once again Makes the Ordinary Purchases Extraordinary

The winning ticket cost some CA$1 proving that lottery purchases are more affordable than ever. Another Quebec player recently became CA$1-million richer thanks to Quebec Max’ local appeal. Régis Gérard Hervé, a resident of the Capitale-Nationale is the most recent lottery millionaire that has bagged a hefty jackpot thanks to the signature local game.

Lotto MAX Brings CA$40M Pot, While Lotto 6/49 Can’t Stay Away from Winners

He made the winning purchase on Friday 13th, which ultimately brought him good luck but at first, he found it hard to grasp the whole idea.

Lotto 6/49 Confirms It Keeps on Giving with Three Multimillion Main Prizes Claimed

Upon validating the tickets purchased earlier that day, he thought that the prize amounts to CA$1,000. The cashier invited the lottery enthusiast to take a closer look until he realized that it is, in fact, a CA$1,000,000 jackpot pile he is eligible for. Now that the major jackpot is already in his hands, Mr. Gerard is ready for the life changes.
Winners Make their Plans
Some of his plans for the foreseeable future include a complete home renovation, a brand new car, as well as a cruise to an exotic destination. While people are bagging their jackpots, beloved lottery offerings continue swelling without Main prize winners to match all numbers needed. This Friday would come with a jackpot reaching CA$55 million, as well as four CA$1 Million MAXMILLIONS for the additional enthusiasts.

Players across Canada Find Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Windfalls Hard to Believe

The cap of this lottery offering reaches CA$70 million. Moreover, this Saturday is scheduled to bring a CA$14 million Lotto 6/49 Main prize, in addition to a single CA$1 Million Prize. Players from near and far have the opportunity to bag their tickets ahead of the anticipated draw and make a wish. Instant tickets are also gaining popularity, as British Columbia Lottery Corporation unveiled a new CA$10 Scratch and Win ticket called Roam.

Lotto 6/49 Player Snatch CA$5M Prize Once More, Could Treasure Chest Run Dry?

It would appeal lottery enthusiasts dreaming of a wild adventure and traveling around the globe and top locations to the likes of the Greek islands, Iceland during the summer solstice, the exciting tribes of Kenya, or the whole new world of Fogo Island. The top prize coming with each exotic location amounts to CA$50,000 for the luckiest players.
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Quebec Lotto MAX Enthusiast Could Soon Bag CA$32m Main Prize-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Major jackpots were claimed with the help of a single lottery ticket purchase, a notion some Canadians could relate to. A Quebec player is now eligible for a cash payout of CA$32 million following the purchase of a Lotto MAX ticket ahead of the most recent draw. Meanwhile, a Milton player claimed his CA$25 million with the help of his Lotto 6/49 ticket.

Subramaniam Jeyakumaran is the lucky player bagging a hefty jackpot following the October 9 draw but the player took his time before he claimed it. Many lottery enthusiasts take their time before receiving their cash prize, as the amount is often a rather large one, demanding better financial management. This is what the player from Milton did and it is possible that this is what the Quebec winner could do as well.
Lotto MAX Gives More
October 18 came with a Lotto MAX jackpot reaching CA$32 million. Following weeks of no winners, the amount grew to this extent and many Canadians were ready to see it swell to the lottery game cap – CA$70 million. However, a player from Quebec managed to match all numbers drawn last Friday and become eligible for the cash payout of CA$32 million.

Winners Think Alike: Lotto 6/49 CA$9m Jackpot Split between Provinces

For the time being, nobody has contacted Loto-Quebec in order to claim their cash prize. The winner has 52 weeks to do so before the expiry date comes and they no longer have the right to bag it. As for the next Lotto MAX draw, it is projected to bring a cash prize of nearly CA$10 million. The Lotto 6/49 winner who recently received his CA$25,470,952.30 said that he does not plan to quit his job, at least for now.

British Columbia, Ontario Lotto 6/49 Enthusiasts Expect the Unexpected

What he would do instead is work on his plans for holidays and travel the world with his favorite people. New Zealand and Australia are among the top locations he wants to visit with the recent windfall. It should also be taken into account that the lottery retail location at Erin Mills Town Center in Mississauga is about to bag one percent of the cash payout.
Lotto 6/49 Is Generous Too
As it has been confirmed, Lotto 6/49 is the gift that keeps on giving, as the minimal Main prize of CA$5 million would have to be split between two tickets. One of the tickets with identical number combinations was sold in Ontario, whereas the other was purchased in Quebec. Now two players are eligible for CA$2.5 million and they also have 12 months to claim the prize.

Someone Could Snatch Lotto 6/49 CA$25-Million Main Prize Any Minute Now

Moreover, the most recent Lotto 6/49 draw saw a player from Saskatoon match the number combination for the CA$1-million guaranteed prize. October 23 would come with a Lotto 6/49 Main prize once again reaching CA$5 million. A Quebec couple became Canada’s latest lotto millionaires with a Quebec Max ticket.

Lotto MAX Winner Held on to Ticket for 10 Months, Checked it Every Now and Then

Richard Deschenes and Yolande Paquet claimed their CA$1-million prize that would change their lives. Place de Ville in Sept-Îles was the retail spot that would benefit from a 1-percent allocation of the Main prize. The two of them are ready to travel the world and explore a fresh new perspective on life.
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Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Lottery offerings have been quite active over the past few days, as many enthusiasts bagged their own windfalls and there are also some that would have to contact their provincial lottery corporations in order to receive theirs.
Atlantic Lottery Corporation recently issued a warning that Atlantic Canada players would have to wait until the technical issue is removed, in order to scan their tickets and see reliable confirmation, as winners are not detected by the system.
Lottery winners hailing from the Atlantic provinces would have to hold their breath a little more, as the Crown corporation recently made it clear that its system is experiencing difficulties and it undergoes technical support. The latest Lotto MAX draw took place this Friday and players were looking forward to winning the jackpot it came with, reaching CA$17 million.
Lotto MAX Remains Untouched
This amount was reserved for the ticket matching all seven drawn numbers but, as it turned out there was nobody eligible for it. The draw was still generous and resulted in CA$3,067,162 in cash won, but Atlantic Lottery Corporation has a clarification to make. It announced a technical issue with the ticket verification process that currently keeps players in the dark on their possible win.

Lotto MAX CA$50M Jackpot Snatched, Three Other Slice CA$9M Lotto 6/49 Pile

Such an issue could result in winning tickets being identified as non-winners, which is an undesirable outcome of the situation. The TAG tickets purchased welcomed Friday’s draw with cash prizes reaching CA$100. Compensation of the issue is also up for grabs, as the corporation offers free entry into the upcoming draw on September 10.

Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity with ENCORE Draw Making Lotto Fans Filthy Rich

The lotto jackpot on September 6 reached CA$17 million but since it remained unclaimed, September 10 would come with an even larger one. This Tuesday’s Lotto MAX jackpot reaches CA$22 million. Meanwhile, Lotto 6/49 enthusiasts have been advised to check their lottery tickets, as there has been a winner.
Lotto 6/49 Returns with CA$5M
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation said that a single ticket sold in Grey Highlands is now eligible for a cash payout of CA$5 million. September 7 brought this jackpot to all players that have purchased a ticket ahead of the draw. Whoever is in possession of the ticket with numbers 25, 28, 37, 38, 42, 48 is now much richer and has 52 weeks to contact the lottery corporation for their prize.

Landscaper Put CA$60M Lotto MAX Ticket in a Safe instead of Cashing It In

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation has also been generous to one player hailing from Calgary, as he is now the newest lotto millionaire of Canada. John Kerkhoven recently bagged the Lotto 6/49 guaranteed CA$1-million prize that came with the August 10 draw, but the news came as a surprise to him.

Lotto MAX CA$60M Jackpot Claimed at the Eleventh Hour, Enhanced Online Gaming by ALC

His subscription ticket guaranteed him the prize and it was not until a lottery corporation worker contacted him that he found out he is eligible for a prize. The Calgary player was more than excited to bag his CA$1-million prize and his plans include traveling with his wife, something the two of them are fond of. Mr. Kerkhoven stated that he wants to enhance the experience and for the time being no larger purchases have been planned.
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Richmond Player Now Eligible for CA$60M Lotto MAX Windfall-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Lottery windfalls are among the most popular topics of discussion across Canada, as they are able to change people’s lives in a matter of seconds on a weekly basis. Lotto MAX is one of the most popular lottery opportunities for gaming available out there and its most recent draw was a historical one.
Someone in Richmond is now eligible for a jackpot reaching approximately CA$60 million as a result of matching all seven of the winning numbers on July 26. When it comes to lottery jackpots and the opportunities of winning big they offer, players have the chance to have their lives transformed every week.
Lotto MAX is the most generous among Canada’s lottery offerings with a cap reaching CA$70 million. Last week’s jackpot was close to reaching this maximum prize but fortunately for one player, it was snatched shortly prior to that. Richmond is the location that would very soon welcome the hefty jackpot.
Jackpot Awaits Winer
British Columbia Lottery Corporation was quick to announce the good news that the latest lotto draw was a winning one. For many weeks, all eyes were set on Lotto MAX and its seemingly unreachable Main Prize.

Lotto 6/49 Winner Bag CA$9.1M while Many Eye Lotto MAX CA$60M

The collective desire to see the jackpot be claimed by someone achieved its goals and a single ticket sold in Richmond is now eligible for the grand prize.

Lotto 6/49, Lotto MAX Jackpots Galore Reach Their Winners across Canada

All lottery enthusiasts in the area are encouraged to check their Lotto MAX tickets and make sure that they have not misplaced the piece of paper that could change their life. Now that the official announcement has been made, it is a waiting game, as the winner might take their time to approach the new situation and make the best of it.

Manitoban Player Claims Hefty CA$9.5M Share of CA$19M Lotto MAX Jackpot

Whoever is in possession of the winning ticket would have 52 weeks to claim their prize. This is the mandatory period for prize bagging, making it impossible for players to receive their award past the deadline point. The clock is ticking now.
Tuesday Brings Next Draw
In addition to the Main prize eyed by millions of Canadian, this draw also came with as many as six set CA$1-million prizes commonly referred to the Maxmillion ones. As it happened, none of them was claimed by a ticket sold anywhere in Canada. However, Richmond was able to see another cash prize, this time for matching six of the regular numbers, in addition to the bonus one. This meant that CA$105,837.60 could soon be claimed by a local.

Winning Streak: Lotto MAX Proves Generosity with a CA$19M Jackpot Split in Two

The winning numbers were 11, 15, 17, 20, 24, 25, 50, plus the bonus 30 and for some players, they might have a special significance. Even though Lotto 6/49 has been more generous in the past weeks, Lotto MAX has also shown its potential with some hefty jackpots. The last days of May saw a ticket purchased in Ottawa eligible for claiming CA$20-million jackpot.

Quebec Lotto MAX Player is Canada’s Next Multimillionaire Eligible for CA$65M

The fortunate piece of paper has the numbers 2, 14, 15, 23, 27, 44, and 45. Last month was also lucky for this lottery game, as June 14 saw a CA$19-million jackpot being bagged by two lottery tickets on the Prairies, as well as in Ontario. The next Lotto MAX regular draw would take place on July 30 and the projected jackpot is going to reach CA$16 million.
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Super Bowl LIV Fuels New York Sports Betting Revenue-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and this year it is about to witness even more bets placed on the live event. New York State is about to witness its very first Super Bowl allowing players to place wagers in a legal manner and participate in the overall madness that is this time of the year. Super Bowl LIV is about to attract in-person wagers at local commercial and tribal casino locations with projections for increased gaming revenue.

The past few months have seen a downwards progression when it comes to sports wagering and the revenue of the four Upstate New York casinos have been able to generate. Each month has marked a drop in the overall wagers places in-person and the reason for this is the relative inconvenience of making one’s way to a brick-and-mortar casino venue.
In-Person Sports Betting

Players in New York State want to be able to place wagers on sports events whenever they feel like it, in the comfort of their home. This could happen both through their mobile phones or on their computers, either way, easier access than traveling to a land-based casino in their vicinity.

Upstate New York Casinos Avoided Paying State US$13m, Audit Claims

For some of them, this means a car drive to the nearest location accepting single-event sports wagers, a factor that has impacted the gaming revenue amassed since last summer. Now it is time for yet another Super Bowl event, a special period for people across the US. Expectations are that the sport swaggering revenue in Upstate New York casino locations would surge, a figure that would be reflected in the monthly report the New York State Gambling Commission issues.

Upstate New York Witnesses Yet Another Sports Betting Revenue Slump

In the grand scale of things, the US players are expected to wager some US$6.8 billion during this year’s Super Bowl, as for some of the states this would be the second sports event allowing wagers to be placed on it. This Sunday is about to bring the first game between Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.
Casino Resorts Prepare
When it comes to New York State, both the four commercial venues and the seven tribal locations are preparing for the busy day and their sports lounges should be able to welcome all enthusiasts ready to wager in person. The premium areas adjacent to the casino floors are ready to provide everything needed for a pleasant time, including drinks and food offerings. This Sunday might see record sports wagering revenue.

New York State Bags US$255m from Seneca Nation of Indians, Ruling Says

Del Lago Resort Casino is working hard on its Super Bowl Big Game party that would electrify the building and transform it into the sports wagering hub of the Finger Lakes. The special event is almost sold out, but players might still find a chance to enter. Hal Wafer, sportsbook manager at the Rivers Casino & Resort in downtown Schenectady also expressed his excitement about the busy weekend ahead.

Resorts World New York Could be Remedy for Empire Resorts’ Pain

While players are placing their bets and potentially winning big as a result of them Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens is preparing for February 2, 6:30 p.m. ET. The San Francisco 49ers are preparing to enter the Super Bowl for the seventh time, once again playing for the win. Demi Lovato is set to perform the national anthem, whereas the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show would see Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform live.
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ORYX Gaming Expands Presence in Romania with Winbet-trò chơi xèng trực tuyếnwin365

ORYX Gaming is about to solidify its presence across Europe with a new arrangement with Winbet. It is about to expand the company’s influence in Romania and explore the gaming preferences locals have. Bragg Gaming Group, the parent company would aim to make 2020 yet another successful year filled with partnerships and new market exploration.

When a company is in its beginning stages of development, it relies on the strong partnerships created with success in mind. ORYX Gaming wants to see its foothold expand and reach new individuals that might enjoy its offerings and the premium platform it has in store. Its most recent move eyes the budding Romanian gaming market and everything it could offer in the form of online gambling.
Expansion in the Works

ORYX Gaming inked one of its first collaborations for this year with the Romanian leader Winbet, which also has its influence in South-Eastern Europe. The strong presence of this company proved to be attractive to ORYX Gaming and an agreement was signed. As a result of it, the operator would have easy access to the entire portfolio ORYX Gaming.

ORYX Gaming Brings Fire-Breathing Dragons amid Dynamic Expansion

This would include the proprietary offerings the platform has up for grabs, coming from the collaboration with studios to the likes of Kalamba Games, Gamomat, and Golden Hero. In addition to those, the offering is also going to bring Romanian players closer to the third-party offerings there are available at ORYX Hub. It currently amounts to upwards of 8,000 gaming titles powered by as many as 80 providers worldwide.

Bragg Gaming Touts 30 Pct YOY Surge in Q3, Exceeds Own Expectations

This would ensure that local players have a diverse portfolio for everyday use, able to meet their demands for something new. Moreover, the premium platform sees new releases on a regular basis. Winbet is known for its extensive operation in the region, as it has a licensing issued by Oficiul National Pentru Jocuri de Noroc, but this is not the first operator to team up with ORYX Gaming for Romanian operation.
ORYX Gaming Explores New Markets
It could be recalled that mid-September the Bragg Gaming Group company teamed up with NetBet for expanded local operation. In this sense, local players have already been acquainted with everything up for grabs. This year starts on the right foot, as ORYX Gaming recently announced its first move for 2020 – a collaboration with SkillOnNet that guarantees successful integration of ORYX Gaming’s content on SkillOnNet’s platform.

Bragg Gaming Group Welcomes Weathered Experts Aboard ahead of US Expansion

As a result of this, players of Malta, the UK, Germany, Denmark, as well as Sweden, are about to experience the premium offerings there are up for grabs. Speaking of the first deal of 2020, it makes sense to talk about the last arrangement of 2019 between ORYX Gaming and FullReto.co, the Latin American leading company. More than 250 locations in Colombia offer everything Grupo Vinnare brings.

Keeping Up with the Times: Online Gambling Expansion in Ontario

This is FullRetto.co’s parent company positioning ORYX Gaming well in the local gaming market. As a result, the Bragg Gaming Group company is about to offer both its online gaming offerings and the sports wagering opportunities up for grabs. Croatia has also seen a recent arrangement between Favbet and ORYX Gaming for the introduction of Remote Gaming Server titles, as well as third-party offerings.
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